How to Efficiently Pack a Moving Truck for an NYC Move

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August 23rd, 2021

Whether you’re relocating for work or fulfilling a life-long dream, moving to New York City is an exciting experience. However, packing your belongings in a moving truck can be a less-than-thrilling part of your journey. The hours of packing and worrying about breaking precious valuables can take some of the fun out of this new adventure.Unless you’re a professional moving company, there’s a high possibility that you’ve had little to no experience transporting items into a moving truck. Instead of letting your worries pile on your shoulders, we have some great tips for packing a moving truck, so you won’t have to stress about something accidentally breaking.

5 Ways to Efficiently Pack a Moving Truck for New York City

When you’re traveling without the help of professional movers, you might find yourself unaware of some essential moving steps. However, we’re here to help and have some great tips before you move.

Carefully Inspect Your Rental Truck

Before you start to pack any items in the rental truck, you should thoroughly inspect it prior to finalizing the contract. Make sure to point out existing dents, scratches, or faulty moving ramps.

Don’t Fill Boxes Heavier Than You Can Lift

While you may have a dolly to help carry heavy items into the truck, they still shouldn’t be heavier than you can carry because it weighs down your back and can cause severe injuries. A dolly is used to help reduce the stress on your back, but it doesn’t eliminate it.

Properly Distribute the Weight

If you have all your extremely heavy items on one side of the truck, this will cause problems while driving and unloading the truck. Your belongings may be damaged, and you could end up with problems with your truck.

Carefully Wrap More Fragile Parts of Furniture

A table, for example, may have thin legs, and if they’re not wrapped properly, they’ll break. Any piece of fragile furniture needs to be wrapped extensively, so the item isn’t damaged during the move.

Make Sure Nothing Can Slide

If you have a dresser or other piece of furniture with drawers, you should take them out and wrap them in something safe so they don’t slide during the drive. This can not only harm the dresser but other items around it.Packing your home takes a lot of time and effort. However, if you follow these tips and carefully label and organize your move, you’ll be fully prepared for a successful transition.

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