TI Storage
October 16th, 2018

Dust is an ongoing problem when it comes to living spaces. You can say the same for storage units where you keep your important and valuable items. Dust can do more than soil the things in your storage. It can also pose many health risks. Particles can contain a wide variety of toxic chemicals, some of which scientists have linked to cancer.Thankfully, there are efficient ways to deal with dust in a storage unit. Remember, at some point, you will bring stored items back to your home. You want to minimize the dirt that accumulates over long periods of time. Here are a few tips for battling dust.

Store Items Properly

There is a tendency for individuals to pack things in storage without forethought or planning. Using moving boxes to store goods haphazardly isn’t useful when it comes to reducing the presence of dust. A far better solution is to use plastic storage containers.Plastic containers create a better seal. It is also helpful to store plastic containers on shelves in your unit. Keeping them off the floor where dust tends to settle reduces the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do now and then.You might also want to think about vacuum sealing your linens and clothes, giving you the added advantage of preventing damage from insects. Plastic containers and vacuum sealed bags are also much easier to clean.

Put Cleaning Materials in Your Storage Locker

If you stock your storage unit with a few basic cleaning supplies, tending it will be much easier. You can spot clean in just a few minutes every time you visit the unit to store more items.The items you should stock include dusters, cleaning cloths, multi-surface wipes, and anything else you prefer to add. It can also help to include a small, battery-powered or rechargeable vacuum. Use this first to collect the majority of dust before you begin wiping things down.Don’t forget to wear a face mask or use an air purifier when you are dusting your unit. You don’t want to inhale the particles that you will stir up during cleaning.Keeping your storage unit free of dust takes a little extra effort, but it’s worth it. It will also make an empty storage place much more comfortable to clean once you have chosen to bring items back home.Choosing a high-quality storage facility can also help protect your items from damage. Treasure Island Storage has a variety of storage units that provide optimal storage space and protection. Our team offers top-notch customer service and transparent pricing. Contact us today at (347) 454-7455 to learn more about how we can help you declutter your home.