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October 9th, 2017

New York City is well known for the nightlife, shows, museums, and restaurants, but it is also home to various employment opportunities. Landing a job in the city gives you the chance to relocate to one of the most vibrant cities in America while pursuing a brand new initiative. Here are a few ways to land a job in New York City.

Alumni Groups

It is likely that you’ve made friends as you progressed through high school and college. If you have a friend who is doing what you would like to do and lives near the city, he or she can help you find jobs in various fields and at different levels. You can use this individual as your inside connection who can notify you of any vacancies in your area of specialization. Most fellow alumni will be willing to help a friend secure employment.


Most residents of New York City love to give back to the local area. They make their contribution by attending fundraisers and volunteering for various activities that benefit the community. When you volunteer, you get the chance to meet people to add to your professional network. These networks will play an essential role in helping you land a job if you use them correctly. It is much easier to get a recommendation from someone you have a shared experience with than a random stranger.


New Yorkers love sports, and most of them like playing them as much as they enjoy watching them. Therefore, if you are athletically inclined, there are leagues or groups you can join to perform these activities. Find out the most popular ones and embed yourself among other like-minded individuals.If you do enough research, there is a chance you’ll meet someone in the industry or gain an indirect contact. If you’re lucky, you may encounter someone working in an organization that is in your sights. Much like meeting someone while volunteering, keeping these contacts close can be highly beneficial. They can provide you with job search tips and even notify you of any vacancies for which you may qualify.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are an integral part of New York City culture. These shops are full of various working professionals who make regular trips to their coffee shop of choice. If you pick up that someone who works at one of your dream jobs visits a particular coffee shop daily, you can make it your duty to meet and speak with this individual. As you establish a relationship with the individual, he or she can help you secure a position or tip you off on upcoming openings.If you do land a new job and are relocating to New York City, it is important to find a storage company that you can trust. Treasure Island Storage is that company. With several locations across New York and New Jersey, we offer around the clock protection for all of your belongings. Contact us today to find a location near you!