TI Storage
March 19th, 2018

Storage units allow you to efficiently declutter your home while providing an alternative to selling or tossing out your valuables. They range in size from a closet to a 2-bedroom apartment, so most belongings are storable. Over time, people obtain more things, upgrading their units to accommodate a growing lifestyle. In typical cases, while the purpose of the rental is to allow more room in their apartments, the units themselves are hoarded with chaos and lack of space. Keeping your unit more organized is essential for proper packing, order, and accessibility. Cut out the hassle of tireless searching each time you enter the premises. Here are a few tips to neatly arrange your unit.

Use the Same Size Box

Boxes come in a variety of sizes, turning simple storage into an hour-long game of Tetris. If you are planning on making the most out of your unit space, use small-to-medium sized boxes large enough to fit most, if not all of your belongings. Large boxes take up lots of space and depending on the length, makes accessibility and search just as tricky as a disorganized unit. Bigger is not always better.

Label Everything

Searching for your things in a sea of brown cardboard boxes is like finding a needle in a haystack; long and frustrating. Do not attempt to go off of memory. Make searching easier by specifically labeling each box, based off of the items inside and the room it came from. If you are storing for a large home, an example label may be “Guest room bedsheets and curtains” or “Jane’s Sports Gear.”

Design a Structured Layout

If you plan to enter your unit regularly, make packing strategic as far as layout, and ease of access. Create an aisle down the middle ranging from furniture and less frequently needed items towards the back, leading up to small boxes and more commonly used possessions towards the front of the unit such as:
  • Clothing
  • Power Tools
  • Home Appliances
  • Office Supplies/Documents
  • Trip Necessities (tents, coolers, grilling equipment)
This way, you avoid the stress of searching, saving time and trouble.

Use Shelving Units or Stack Up

The most practical way to store your items is by building up, not out. If you plan on keeping your unit for a while, invest in shelving compartments to take up some space above, leaving the ground floor for the more massive stacks. If not, use the pyramid or brick wall method to build up and group your boxes from largest to smallest.

Create a Blueprint for Your Items

Taking the time to design a unit floor-plan will save a load of time, effort and memory. Construct your map into sections like furniture, outdoor items, room decorations, and kitchen-ware. It does not need to be a detailed painting but something that will assist you when the search begins. You may even get technical and color-code your map if you are a visual person. No matter the method, this is a great way to get systematic with your belongings.If your goal is to organize your storage unit in the New Jersey or New York City area, consider upgrading to a larger rental. Besides these useful tips, you want to ensure the unit is capable of holding your hefty haul. At Treasure Island Storage, we offer the first month free on various rentals. Our units come in different sizes from a small closet to a warehouse for any household or commercial business use. For more information on our free moving services call 347-454-7455 or contact us online.