TI Storage
February 12th, 2019

Whether your home has a spacious laundry room or a small closet, organizing this functional space can make a huge difference in your ability to find the tools and supplies you need when you need them. Comfortable living in a bite-sized NYC apartment sometimes requires you to get creative to utilize your space. Closets can serve to organize the things you don’t use, or you can transform a simple hall space into a fully-productive workspace.Try these tips for a streamlined utility closet with a place for everything that you need.

Be Selective

Don’t let your utility closet become a catch-all for clutter. Instead, keep it simple by storing only what you need there. If this is your designated supply closet, don’t put anything else in there except your cleaning supplies. Alternatively, you can assign each shelf for a specific purpose to keep things compact. Still, it’s essential to make sure there’s nothing extra on those shelves. If your business takes up significant space, you can carefully organize your closet to hold just your job-related inventory.

Make a Plan

Draw a schematic of the closet from the bottom up, making a note of what pieces you need to store. Place large items first, such as a vacuum cleaner or shelving unit, and fill in smaller details around them. This allows you to think about what you need to use most often and keep those items at eye level. This can also help you decide what materials you need to keep things organized, such as baskets or containers.

Use Horizontal and Vertical Space

Even if you have a few shelves, you can still take advantage of all the space in your utility closet with a bit of creativity. For example, a rack or hooks on the back of the door can be used to hang mops and brooms for easy reach. Cubbies or storage drawers can help you organize smaller items like sponges and cleaning solutions. Invest in an organizing rack to optimize your storage space from the floor to the ceiling.

Add Resources

The utility closet is a great place to store manuals, warranty information, and other home-related paperwork. Try a binder with clear plastic sleeves. You can also post a list of important phone numbers on the wall.

Consider Outside Storage

If you find that your utility closet is less than functional because it’s storing items like sports equipment and Christmas decorations, it’s time to rethink the overall organization of your home. Call Treasure Island Storage. With locations all over the New York/Jersey area, you can easily stash the extra items like furniture and old electronics. Call us 347-454-7455 or live chat with us online to find a storage unit within your budget.