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June 24th, 2019

More adults than ever are living with their parents for longer periods of time. While this can be a great situation in many cases, it raises problems when it’s time to finally part ways. The biggest question for adult children moving out on their own: How do I deal with all my stuff?Most adult children choose one of two routes; they either take all of their stuff with them and then get frustrated when they try to cram it into a tiny apartment, or they leave all their stuff with mom and let her get frustrated with clutter she doesn’t know how to handle. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

Organize Before You Leave

First, adult children need to pinpoint which items are truly special to them. Some of these items might include special trophies that signify an achievement — a wedding dress, photographs, cards, yearbooks, or a favorite stuffed animal. Rather than feeling silly to be caring about these items, individuals need to recognize their value and make steps to ensure their safety. If they’re moving out, they should either take these items with them or box them up separately to guarantee they’re kept apart from what might be considered junk in the rest of the room.

Talk it Over with Parents

Grown adults need to take the initiative to point out which of their items are important and what they want to be saved. Children should express their feelings to their parents and ensure that their parents are truly prepared for storing the extra items.

Parents Will Need Their Space

Grown adults need to recognize that leaving is giving their room back to their parents. Initially, parents may say that their children can leave everything and that their bedroom will stay the same, but that’s not a realistic expectation. Eventually, parents are going to want to renovate rooms or move others in – it’s important to help them through the process without expecting them to make your room into an unchanging shrine.

Be Willing to Help

Yes, you may need a place to store your extra stuff short-term, but don’t just leave a room full of possessions behind and expect your parents to deal with it. Make reasonable goals to ultimately move all your stuff out and then take action to make it happen.Moving out on your own can seem scary. While it’s a great step to take, it’s important to remember to safeguard your most valuable items and not use your parents’ house as a long-term storage unit. A much better solution is to find a safe and secure self-storage facility in New York City, like the ones offered through Treasure Island Storage.To see one of our impressive storage units in person, simply contact the Treasure Island storage location nearest you or stop by whenever you’re in the neighborhood. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, give you a tour, and show you exactly why Treasure Island is the best storage solution for you and your belongings. Call us today at 347-454-7455 to learn more.