TI Storage
December 11th, 2018

If you’re like many small business owners, you probably work from home at least part of the time. That probably means you’re using at least some of your private space to store your inventory. Whether you need to store products, files, supplies, samples, or furniture, investing in storage space for your business can help you become more organized and efficient. Follow these tips to revolutionize your office space.

Take a True Inventory

List the items you need to keep in your office. Everything else should go into storage. For example, if you have files, you frequently access, organize a filing cabinet in your office and archive the rest. Inventory, beyond what you need to fill orders for a week or two, should also remain in storage. A storage place will protect your most essential items from damage, which is vital.

Group Similar Items Together

Your storage unit should be as organized as your office if you’re looking for efficiency. When you begin to pack your unit, place similar items together in the same box. These should be clearly labeled so that you can put them on shelves within the storage unit. Packing your items thoroughly will also help you decide on the best-sized storage unit for your needs.

Use the Right Supplies

Using the wrong packing materials can lead to damaged or even deteriorated office files. You should use durable boxes and plastic bins. Pack fragile items with bubble wrap. Seal everything with packing tape. Load furniture into the unit first by stacking it against the back wall. Put the most massive boxes on the floor and stack lighter boxes on top. Shelving units within your storage space can help keep you organized.

Draw Up a Plan

As you load, sketch a plan that shows where each item is located. List the quantity of each object stored and when it was saved. This should be put into an electronic format you can easily update when you move inventory in and out of your unit. When you need something from storage, you’ll be able to find it in minutes.

Rent a Storage Space

Business storage isn’t just for those who work at home. You should also consider renting space from a safe and secure self-storage facility until when you’re renovating or repainting your office space, during your busy season, or even just to store seasonal furniture, like patio stuff and umbrellas, or holiday decorations.At TI Storage, we offer a variety of storage units to hold unneeded possessions. We offer climate-controlled units to store your environment sensitive items. There is also 24/7 security and an entire team that makes sure your stuff stays safe, dry, and pest-free. Contact Treasure Island Storage today by calling (347) 454-7455 to find out more about taking steps to optimize your home and business.