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July 22nd, 2019

From cycling and camping to kayaking and fishing, New York and New Jersey offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. It’s fantastic to have so much to do, but outdoorsmen here often find themselves with a lot of gear and not much room for storage. Improper storage causes gear to get lost or damaged and makes it difficult to locate specific pieces. Treasure Island Storage brings you these five tips on getting your outdoor gear organized like a pro.If you’re not sure how to get and keep your outdoor gear organized, here are some smart suggestions.

Gear Check And Inventory

Start by creating an inventory of all your gear. A spreadsheet can help keep gear organized by category and identify duplicates. Check for good working order, and that all accessories are with each piece as you inventory.

Re-Home Worn And Unused Gear

Is your gear cluttered with duplicates from worn gear, extras, and unused gear? Do you have an abundance of accessories like sunglasses, clothes, jackets, swimsuits, boots, and hats? Do you have gear you rarely or never use because you don’t like it or find it impractical?Good memories with old gear can make you hold onto equipment past its life expectancy, and long after you’ve replaced it. Avid outdoorsmen like to be prepared with extra or emergency equipment, and items you might possibly need in the future. But the reality is that these are likely just cluttering up your gear, depleting your storage space, and making you less ready to head outdoors for your next adventure.During your inventory, set aside worn, unused, and duplicate gear. Decide if each one is worthy of the space it’s taking up. How long has it been since you actually used it? Is it even safe and efficient to use it? Decide what to do with what didn’t make the cut, like finding nearby consignment shops and second chance stores for sports equipment. Help out others who can’t afford new equipment by donating yours to a local club or donation center.

Organize And Store In Plastic Bins

Use your inventory to organize and store your gear by season and category. Plastic bins work great for this. Assign each season a plastic bin color, such as green for summer, red for fall, yellow for spring, and white for winter. Move on to organizing by activity, such as putting all your ski gear together and all your camping gear together. Your inventory spreadsheet makes it easy to print itemized labels for each container so that you know exactly what each bin contains.

Routine Seasonal Decluttering

Ensure your gear stays organized and ready to go with routine decluttering. Go through your storage bins at the conclusion of each season to cull your gear of what you don’t, won’t, and shouldn’t use. Don’t forget to update your bin list as you add and subtract gear from your collection.

Find the Best Gear Storage in NYC

Personal storage space in New York and New Jersey is far from plentiful. If you have limited space and/or an extensive collection, TI Storage can fulfill your storage needs. Treasure Island Storage has a variety of storage unit sizes available to safely house your outdoor gear while you wait for the right season to use it. Allow TI Storage to help you ensure your gear stays organized and ready to go when you need it.If you’re looking to free up space where you live, the self-storage experts at Treasure Island Storage are ready to help. Our family-owned business is one of the fastest growing self-storage providers in the New York Tri-State area. It’s never been a better time to organize your home and free yourself from clutter once and for all.For more than 15 years, we’ve helped customers store what’s important to them, and we can do the same for you. Call our team at (347) 454-7455 or book an appointment online to get your very own storage space today.