How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Frequent Access


TI Storage
August 12th, 2020

Making the decision to rent a storage unit for your belongings is an excellent way to relieve any storage issues you may have. Whether you need household storage, business storage, or car storage, storage units can make your life a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, when you’re in a rush to get things moved, you may miss the opportunity to effectively prepare your unit for frequent access. Eventually, there may come a time when you need to find a couple of old books in your storage unit and you think to yourself, “Where could they be?” So, you spend hours pulling apart boxes and moving things around in your storage unit to find them. Turns out, they were in the first box you opened but were hidden inside a bag. Before you get the chance to start moving your boxes back inside, it starts to pour and you’re running back and forth trying to get everything under control. This is certainly a situation you’d like to avoid. Luckily, with a little bit of preparation, you can ensure your storage unit is organized and in tip-top shape so you can utilize your unit space efficiently and prevent any unnecessary stress or accidents when it comes time to accessing your belongings. Here are five steps you can follow to help arrange your storage unit so that you are able to get in, get what you need, and get out as quickly as possible. 

Find the Right Packaging Products 

Whether it’s boxes, bins, or bags, there are countless packaging products to pick from. Depending on the kinds of items you’re storing, especially if they are delicate or fragile, you’ll want to choose the packaging that will best preserve your items. When it comes time to prepare for your move, look into some beneficial packaging products: 
  • Wardrobe box: This type of box comes with a metal hanging bar to easily transfer your clothes from the closet right into the box 
  • Dish packs: These are designed to secure breakable items such as dishes, glasses, or bottles 
  • Mattress covers: These can protect your mattress from being punctured during your move and prevent any dirt, dust, or soil from accumulating while stored  
  • Mirror box: These are sturdy boxes meant to protect large mirrors, framed artwork, canvases, or pictures 
  • Archive box: These carton-like boxes are useful for preserving important documents, photographs, books, or records 
  • Safe-spot box: These highly durable boxes are perfect for finding your essential items 
You’ll also want to consider investing in heavy duty bins, bubble wrap, and plastic covers. On the other hand, if you don’t have any bulky or frail items, you can store your items in traditional boxes. Try to find one or two sizes that fit your items best and then make sure smaller boxes are filled with heavier items and large boxes are filled with lighter loads. This will make stacking, moving, and sorting items much more practical. 

Create an Inventory Sheet 

Before you pack any of your belongings away, create an inventory sheet that lists every single item you’re storing. Since many people don’t visit their units often, when it comes time to look for something they need, they have no recollection if that item is even in their storage unit.  By having a list of all the contents of your storage unit, you can save yourself from several nuisance trips to your unit, plus the time and energy it takes to rummage through everything. With a list, you can quickly verify if the item you need is inside your storage unit.  

Identify Essential Items 

Once you establish a master inventory list, identify essential items that you’ll need frequent access to. Star those items on your inventory list, plan to place them in the same boxes, and then organize those boxes toward the entrance of your unit. If there are other items that you won’t need to reach often, stick them in the back of your unit. This method will help you avoid having to track down the items you need most. 

Categorize and Label All Boxes 

It can be stressful enough how crucial it is to pack your boxes in a sensible way. Filling your boxes based on categories allows you to systematically organize your belongings, which alleviates any chaotic future visits. Take a look at some common sorting categories: 
  • Holiday items
  • Vacation supplies
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Tools 
  • Sporting or hobby gear 
  • Office documents 
The next step is probably the most important of them all: labeling. Without properly labeled boxes, you’ll have to constantly tear open boxes to locate an item. If it’s not there, you’ll have to tape the box back up and start over. Save yourself the hassle and legibly write what contents are in the box. Also, don’t forget to label the box in multiple spots and place a special mark on boxes you need frequent access to. 

Construct a Layout of Your Storage Unit

Once you have everything packed and ready to go, it’s time to construct a layout for the safest way to pack your unit. Generally, furniture or other large items should be put near the back and sides of the unit to make navigating less hectic. The best way to envision your layout is to work from outside-in. That way, you give yourself an aisle. If a walkway isn’t an option due to the number of items, then place your most moveable items toward the center. To make your visits as seamless as possible, draw a quick detailed map outlining where everything is. You can break your unit up into four quadrants and jot down which section of your unit contains certain items. Place this on the wall somewhere near the front of your storage unit to help you locate your items with ease. 

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The importance of having an easily accessible and organized storage unit can’t be emphasized enough. A well-kept and structured unit will not only make your life less stressful in terms of finding your belongings, but it will also make certain you’re getting your money’s worth by maximizing your storage unit space. If you’re in search of a storage solution, look no further than Treasure Island Storage.At Treasure Island Storage, storing your belongings has never been simpler. With our state-of-the-art facilities throughout New York and New Jersey, we can give you peace of mind knowing your cherished items are well-secured and monitored. We want you to get the most out of your storage experience; let our team of experts assist you from start to finish. Whether you need help deciding a unit size that best fits your needs or you have concerns with how to store certain items, we’ll ensure that you and your belongings are taken care of. Call us today at (212) 804-8972 or fill out our contact form for more information.