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November 19th, 2019

If you live in the northeast, you know how brutal the winter months can be. One thing that makes life in the wintertime a much more pleasant experience is getting out in the snow and hitting the slopes! You have about four to five good months for prime skiing.But for those weeks or months in between, you’ll need to carefully preserve your ski gear to keep them in tip-top shape. Follow our easy instructions for cleaning and storing your ski gear so when you’re ready to hit the slopes, they are too!

First & Foremost – Preserve Your Skis

In between the slopes and during the summer, be sure to give your skis a fine tune-up. The pros at your local ski shop will know what to do! And they’ll have the tools, space, and know-how to give them the proper attention they need. But if you’d rather DIY, follow the manufacturer’s instructions along with these tips to become the ski pro yourself.
  • Clean Your Skis – get off all the dirt and crud with a quick rinse in the shower or with an outdoor hose. Use a soft (but durable) cloth to remove excess water and dust, then let your skis air dry.
  • Remove Rust from the Edges – you can remove rust without sharpening your skis. Using a Gummy stone, Scotch-Brite Pad or any steel wool should do the trick.
  • Wax Off, Wax On – remove old wax from your skis with a plexiglass scraper, or any brass, bronze, or copper brush to keep your skis in pristine shape between trips to the slopes. Before storing your skis, add a generous amount of fresh (hot) wax to the base and edges to prevent any rust or moisture damage.
Following these simple instructions will add years to the life of your skis, compared to those that don’t take this care.

Don’t Neglect Your Equipment

You can’t ski without your equipment, so take the extra time to preserve it. The poles are simple to maintain and store – simply rinse them off, then strap or tie them together. You can stand them up by your skis or hang them on the wall; either way is just as effective.Your bindings, however, are not as straightforward. Expert options regarding the best way to store bindings during the off-season vary. Some recommend backing them off to the lowest setting to release tension, while others suggest leaving them since it’s best if they avoid resetting the next time you use them. It’s a personal preference depending on your skiing ability and needs.

Last but Not Least – Maintain Your Googles + Apparel

Anyone who’s ever tried skiing with foggy or scratched-up goggles can attest to the frustration this can bring to your ski experience. For goggles, only clean the outer lens to avoid wiping off the anti-fogger on the inside. Once you’ve removed the dirt and excess moisture, store them in a soft, but strong, protective covering – like the pouch that they came in or in the allocated area within your ski boot bag.As for your ski apparel, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to carefully clean and dry. Give it a thorough check to ensure they’re not damaged for the following ski season. It’ better to know at the end of the ski season to catch those end-of-season clearance sales rather than at the beginning of the season at the height of apparel prices.

Find the Finest Ski Storage in NYC

Finding storage space for bulky, seasonal items can be a challenge for any household.  Those of us living in New York and New Jersey can especially relate to this undertaking. If you have limited space and need to preserve your skis with your gear for the spells between the slopes, Treasure Island Storage can satisfy your storage needs. We have a variety of storage unit sizes available to safely preserve your skis for the slopes in the spring and summer months. Allow TI Storage to help you ensure your skis stay organized and ready to go when you’re ready for them.If you’re looking to free up space in your home, the self-storage masters at Treasure Island Storage are here to help! Our family-owned business is one of the fastest-growing self-storage providers in the New York and metro-New Jersey communities. For more than 15 years, we’ve helped our customers store their off-season items and equipment, and we can do the same for you! Give us a call at 347-454-7455 or make an appointment online to find out more today!