How to Store Wedding Flowers Before the Big Day

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March 26th, 2020

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, going away parties — there are so many special events where one of the most popular gifts you can give is flowers. Gifting a beautiful bouquet to someone can be an ideal way to present them with something special. There are also small businesses that do quite well growing and selling flowers for special occasions. You may also wonder how best to store those flowers if, for example, they’re intended for an upcoming wedding, but you don’t want to wait until the last minute to purchase them. It’s entirely possible to purchase flowers early to be sure you’ve found the ones you want to present to the engaged couple, but then you need to know how best to store them. Here are some tips on smart ways to store flowers until the wedding day arrives.

How Can You Preserve Fresh Flowers?

If you’re planning to get flowers as a wedding gift, or if you’re the couple planning to decorate your banquet hall in a stunning floral arrangement, you might be concerned about how to preserve fresh flowers. It’s important to understand that not all flowers are the same, and some are more vulnerable than others to climate. Here are some of the factors to consider when you’ve got your flowers picked out.

Remember Fresh Water

Once you have your flowers and they’re getting ready to bloom, remember not to keep the same water in the vases for long. If you want to keep those flowers fresh, you should change the water daily. When your flowers arrive, it’s important to put them in water quickly, so it’s a good idea to prepare ahead for how many buckets or vases you may need.You also want to clean out the buckets and vases before storing flowers, which can be vulnerable to bacteria, even if the flowers came directly from the florist. After cleaning your buckets or vases, fill them with fresh water. 

Hydrate The Petals 

It’s not just the stems that soak up the water; the petals require misting as well to keep from drooping or wilting. Hydrate petals occasionally until they’re ready to be delivered.

Finding a Cooler Climate

Check with your florist to see if any of your flowers benefit from being stored in a cooler climate, meaning they stay preserved if they’re not someplace where they’re exposed to the sun all day. Some flowers grow best in a cool area where the temperature ranges between 65-72 degrees and are out of direct sunlight. Flowers should also be kept away from heating vents or radiators, which can dry them out. 

Storing Your Flowers

It’s crucial to know which fresh flowers to keep away from the sun if you want them to look beautiful for as long as possible. Placing them in a cool, dark place in your home is ideal, since they don’t need to be stored in the sun in the same way that plants do, and they can be perishable in the sun and heat.If you have limited space or live somewhere with a lot of windows, another good option is to put those flowers into storage. A storage facility like the ones at Treasure Island Storage have units that are the perfect size for storing a selection of flowers. Even better, the units at TI Storage are climate-controlled, so they’re maintained at a steady temperature all day long to protect whatever is inside from extreme heat and humidity, or from dry cold winters. Regardless of what time of year or season it is, flowers can be safely and comfortably stored inside a storage unit until it’s time to ship them to the wedding.

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