TI Storage
May 30th, 2017

Storing clothes can be more complicated than you think. Different materials have distinct storage methods to make sure they aren’t damaged by the climate or pests. The question “How should I store my wool?” is always asked. Whether you’re moving, or just reorganizing, your clothes need to stay pest free. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your wool stays safe.

Keep the Wool Airtight

The best thing you can do to prevent moths and the environment from getting to your wool is to store it in airtight containers. Storage boxes or even storage bags made of plastic can be used to keep moths out and make sure your clothes stay fresh and ready to be worn. Vacuum sealing and ziplock bags are also excellent ways to store your wool. Make sure your containers are dry to prevent mold.

Clean Up Beforehand

Cleaning the area where you will be storing your clothes is something that might be overlooked. Removing all of the dust and cobwebs before storing your clothes in that area will serve to complement your airtight containers or any other things you might be using to store your wool like suitcases or boxes.

Using Smells

Different smells are known to camouflage your clothes from moths. Cedar has a very strong smell so using cedar furniture and shelves is something you could invest in. Cedar hangers, blocks, and oil diffusers that use aromatic oils from cedarwood are other solutions that can be found at most department stores. Cinnamon, cloves, and lavender were also found to be effective in protecting your clothes from moths.Remembering to periodically check your clothing will help in preventing damage to your clothes. If you’re trying to prevent an infestation from occurring or recurring, checking your clothing throughout the year can help you spot early signs of moth infestations. The most common sign is finding holes in your clothing, and if the situation is more severe you may even find maggots or surrounding silk cocoons. Moving and shuffling your clothes around when you check them is helpful because moths don’t like to lay their eggs in places that are disturbed a few times a month.Use these tips to keep your wool safe and fresh. At Treasure Island Storage, we know the ins and outs of storing different materials and are here to help you with all your storage needs. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks about storage or reach out to us to find your storage solution.