TI Storage
June 26th, 2017

Artwork can be a great investment. Hunting down rare pieces or finding something appealing in a department store can feel rewarding in more ways than one. While most artwork is purchased to hang in a living room, some art isn’t meant to be exposed to heat and cold air from air conditioners. After purchasing pieces of art that aren’t meant to be subject to these elements, you might wonder how you store your beautiful new collection. Here are a few tips on how to store your art collection to not only protect it, but also keep it looking clean and pristine.

Prepare Your Art for Storage

Before storing your art, you should make all the necessary preparations:
  • Clean your art – Use a clean cloth to remove dust from hard surfaces. To protect from rust, try using a wood or metal polish. Dust particles and rust damage are common so be sure to clean it thoroughly
  • Try not to use saran wrap – By using saran wrap you could trap humidity inside which could damage your piece of art
  • Check that all framing materials are acid free – Frames that aren’t acid free age faster and could bleed onto the backing of the canvas or the print Make sure to never store artwork on the ground – Elevate it with a shelf or a riser

Find the Right Climate

After preparing your art for storage, finding the right climate is extremely important in ensuring your collection is protected. The wrong climate can cause mold, warping, and even make the paint of your artwork crack. Frequent changes in temperature or humidity is the most common problem that comes with storing art.Purchasing a humidifier can help eliminate the stress of seeking out the right climate. The best humidity for safely storing art is 40-50% and a temperature around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit or 21-24 degrees Celsius. Some older pieces can withstand a wider range of temperatures but modern art isn’t made to withstand rapid temperature changes. No matter what age the art is, a change in humidity of more than 5% in 24 hours should always be avoided.These tips can be used to help store your art collection like a pro. If you don’t have room at home or find that storing art yourself can be a overwhelming, Treasure Island Storage has climate controlled units that can be personally adjusted for storing your art. Eliminate the stress of trying to keep your art safe and contact us to see if we have a storage facility near you!