I’m Moving Into A Small Apartment. How Can I Manage All of My Belongings?


TI Storage
July 6th, 2020

Moving into a small apartment can bring a whole host of complications your way. It is not always an easy move to make, especially when you haven’t considered where your belongings will go if you lack room in your new apartment. To make matters worse, some reports indicate we own twice as much stuff today as we did half a century ago! It’s apparent that extra storage space is becoming a greater necessity in today’s economy.New York City is one city where the need for space is especially prevalent and in demand. Many people are making huge financial sacrifices in order to stay in a micro apartment or bedroom. Because of the amount of stuff we tend to own these days, a significant percentage of the population requires remote self-storage. If you can’t optimize your space any further, then read on to learn how to get the most out of your apartment space in New York. 

Lose the Extra Baggage and Declutter

If you haven’t done so already, declutter. Getting rid of extra belongings can provide you peace of mind knowing that each item helps in your effort of downsizing and prioritizing your personal space in your new living quarters. If you donate to your favorite nonprofit, you’ll also feel better knowing that your stuff can help someone else.Want even more out of your living situation? Consider selling or auctioning off any of your belongings you may not need anymore. This can be quite lucrative for those interested in secondary sources of income. The money earned from what you can sell can be invested back into the effort to consolidate your space with items that you can’t sell and still need but won’t have room for. As a final thought, remember to ask yourself these questions: do you need it, use it, or love it? If it doesn’t satisfy one of these, get rid of it. But if the situation seems more complicated than that, consider putting it into a separate storage unit to alleviate the stress of the decision. 

Find a New York Storage Facility to Store Your Belongings

Think about investing in an external storage space. According to the New York Times, one out of every ten Americans rents offsite storage. When you live in densely-populated areas like New York City, it is easy to tell why so many people have a storage unit. Storage units come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate nearly anything you need. In addition, there are climate-controlled facilities that can store precious and delicate objects that require a certain temperature and humidity to stay intact. If you are running out of space to place your possessions, consider researching a storage facility near you.

Trust a Reliable Storage Facility in New York and New Jersey

At Treasure Island Storage, we provide clean and modern storage facilities throughout New York and New Jersey where you can safely put away your excess belongings. For over 15 years we have worked with our community and are quickly emerging as the fastest growing provider of quality Self Storage in the New Jersey and New York metro area. Get outside the confines of your living space and upgrade to a self-storage unit. We’re happy to offer safe, climate-controlled, and economical storage solutions for all needs and sizes.Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve long since out-grown your living space, we have a storage space to meet your needs with quality service and 24/7 security. For more than 15 years, we’ve proudly supported the NYC and New Jersey metro areas with storage solutions. Give us a call for more information about our facilities today at 646-603-1505.