Incorporating Self-Storage When Decluttering Your Office


TI Storage
December 8th, 2020

The home office is gaining traction. Companies offer more job flexibility than ever, allowing employees to complete their work at home. There is one commonality to both traditional and home working environments: clutter.It’s easy for your office to go from clean to messy if you don’t stay organized. Using self-storage units may be key to keeping your belongings in order. A clean environment leads to a more successful and productive day. Here are a few ways you can declutter your office space, and why self-storage could be the solution you’re looking for.

Remove Items That Don’t Belong

What do you need to be successful when working from home? A desk, a comfortable chair, a computer, and ample space. If you have the room for it, add a filing cabinet or a bookshelf. That’s it for home office necessities.However, when it comes to home offices, they often become storage space for all those unwanted items in the house. It’s challenging to be productive when boxes of your kid’s art projects or old furniture fills the room. Go through everything piece by piece to determine what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. If there are still items you can’t part with, rent a self-storage unit for items taking up space.

Clean Off Your Desk

If all you can see are stacks of paperwork and files, it’s time to clean off your desk. It’s essential to have a clean workspace. Try a color-coded system to determine which files go to which task or client. Once all the paperwork is back in its correct place, organize your files whichever way will work best for you.Consider storing unneeded files. A self-storage unit will keep your files organized and out of the way, and you can retrieve those files whenever you need to. When you pull something from storage, make sure to bring a file from home to store in its place. Otherwise, your unit will be empty and your office back to cluttered before you know it.

Organize Your Electronics

Home offices are usually fully equipped with computers, printers, iPads, and laptops. The list of electronic devices we use for work is endless. On top of new models released almost yearly, offices can become crowded with unused and outdated electronics. Most companies offer a trade-in program for your old devices. If you can’t bear to part with them or want to keep old technology in case your new computer dies, place them in storage.It’s safe and easy to swap out electronic devices. Self-storage units are very secure, offering 24/7 surveillance and security. Visit your storage unit and return the items when you’re done with them.

Rent a Storage Unit to Declutter Your Office

Whatever it is you want to put in storage, Treasure Island Storage is the place for you. Suppose you need a place to store your unneeded files, electronics, or other clutter and want to be sure your belongings are safe. Security is a top concern at Treasure Island Storage, which is why we offer 24/7 video surveillance and gated security. Our units are also climate-controlled, so your valuables stay in tip-top shape.Located throughout New York City and New Jersey, TIS is sure to be the top choice for all your self-storage needs. Locate the Treasure Island Storage facility near you and stop by. Our team of expert storage solution associates will show you around and help reserve the unit best suited for you. Give us a call at (212) 804-8972 or complete a contact form today!