Innovative Shoe Organization Ideas Inspired by Celebrity Closets


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April 8th, 2021

Whether you’re a total sneakerhead or you just can’t seem to make it out of the mall without a new pair of heels, shoe collections always seem to grow quicker than you expect. Between all of the boots, sandals, running shoes, and flip-flops, it can be a hassle to keep your closet organized.No matter how many shoes you have, creating a system to keep them organized will help you keep things spic and span. We’ve collected a few creative ideas that celebrities use in their personal closets that will help protect your closet floor from a mountain of Nikes.

Clever Shoe Organization Tips

If you’re looking for a way to bring your closet game to the next level, you’ll want to skip the over-the-door shoe organizers and take a peek into what celebrities are doing in their home closets. We took a look into five celebrity closets so we could share with you the most innovative ways they’re organizing their shoe collections.

Clear Storage Bins

Model Karolina Kurkova has stated that she uses clear bins to organize her shoe collection. This technique allows her to see exactly what’s inside each bin instead of hiding the pair of shoes away in an opaque box, leaving them less likely to ever be used. Using bins also allows her to stack and sort her collection by season and label the exterior of each bin. You can find similar bins at the Container Store that allow you to access your shoes from the front so you don’t have to unstack boxes to get to the pair you want.


Martha Stewart suggests installing shelving that is about the same depth as your shoes. That way, they can all stand organized in pairs and won’t risk being pushed back into the abyss in the back of your closet. While most celebrities have this kind of shelving custom-built, a more budget-friendly option could be something like this 50-pair shoe rack from Wayfair.

Clear Shelf Dividers

For Nashville-based singer Jessie James Decker’s enormous collection of colorful pumps, the star has them arranged by color on floor-to-ceiling shelving. Dividing the collection and doing the dirty work of keeping everything corralled in its proper place are clear shelf dividers. These shelf dividers are not only great for shoe collections but are also really helpful for keeping your folded clothing neatly stacked.

Get Help from an App

Model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker and American socialite Khloe Kardashian both had such a hard time keeping everything in their closets organized that they invented apps to keep tabs on all of their clothing and shoes. Although both apps seem to have since disappeared, apps like Smart Closet are still available to assist you with all of your closet organization needs.

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