Is It Legal to Start a Business Out of Your Apartment?


TI Storage
September 26th, 2021

Before starting any business plans, it’s necessary to do research. A good business has a good foundation and a reliable home base. If part of your business plan is to start your business in your apartment, its legality is vital.

Understanding the Legality of Starting a Business Out of Your Apartment

To understand if you are legally able to have a business in your apartment, consider the following:

Check Your Apartment Lease

Every lease signed has its rules and regulations the tenants must adhere to while living in the building. Under these conditions, a section might talk about the legality of starting a business in the complex. If you don’t see a section talking about a business operating on the grounds, it doesn’t mean it’s legal. A business has the potential of disturbing the other tenants, and your apartment complex might not want to take the risks.To be safe, talk to the owner of the building. Conglomerates own most larger apartment complexes. If a conglomerate owns the apartments, it might be more challenging to get them to waive restrictions if there are any.It’s tempting to move forward without speaking to the building’s owners first, but do this with caution. Breaking the rules and regulations of your lease while you grow your business could hinder the progress of your business, and you risk losing your apartment.

Check Zoning Laws

Zoning laws are in place to separate incompatible land use such as commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial. The system of zoning laws is in place to prevent new development from harming the existing adjacent land use.Zoning laws might prohibit a business from operating within your apartment because your complex is on residential land. Some areas can operate as both residential and commercial, known as mixed-use lands. However, if your apartment complex is not under mixed-use land, apart from getting permission from your apartment complex, you’ll need permission from the local zoning board.

Check Business License and Permits

Even if your business doesn’t require a license, your city or apartment complex may require you to register your business at city hall. Falling to register your business correctly can result in a variety of penalties depending on your city.Before making your apartment your business home base, you’ll probably need to understand your home business ordinance. Your home business ordinances are the rules and regulations you must follow to operate your business. Home ordinances can include the number of employees you can have or the insurance requirements for your business.

Self-Storage Solution for Your Home Business at Treasure Island Storage

If you’re running your business out of your home, you might find it to be a tight squeeze. As the business grows over time, a self-storage unit can provide you with more space to organize your products and store equipment. Don’t let your home get overflowed by your business. Your home should also be a place to rest, not just work. Keep your home comfortable by utilizing a self-storage facility.Treasure Island Storage is proud to provide the best storage solutions for your at-home businesses. We have convenient parking and easily accessible units making it efficient for you to reach your business materials. Call (646) 603-1505 or fill out this form for more information.