Key Questions to Ask Before Renting Self-Storage During COVID-19


TI Storage
July 22nd, 2020

All industries are quickly adapting to new ways of conducting business according to CDC guidelines. It’s important to be prepared before making a decision on a self-storage facility. You should be able to know you’re doing business with a company who takes these guidelines seriously. While self-storage seems like a low-touch in-person transaction, there are still companies that are having difficulty transitioning to a new way of contactless business or safer cleaning measures. Here are some questions you should ask yourself and your self-storage owner to ensure these fears are eliminated while going through the stressful time of moving or storing your valuables.

Is Your Rental Agreement and Payment Process Online?

In a world where digital technology is at the forefront of many industries, there are still many companies that haven’t moved all their customer transactions to an online platform. It should be your top priority to get as many documents, credit checks, and rental payments paid online as possible. Moving, in general, can be tiring and stressful. With an online process, you mitigate the stress of going into an office where you might come into unsafe contact with other people. The greater benefit is an ongoing relationship with your storage owner to handle back-and-forth communication regarding your documents online. It offers a one-stop source to view your payment history, notifications about changes in process provided by the CDC, and other updates to ensure your safety matters to them. 

How Do You Handle Social Distancing?

This is another important question to ask if you plan to visit your storage facility often, if you’re coming at peak hours, or if you need to come into the office. To avoid a large group of people, having a live chat or call feature to schedule your appointment or check the daily calendar should be available and easy to use so you can feel secure and safe upon your visit. Treasure Island Storage has both a live chat feature and call option on our website to have quick conversations about any of these topics. If you plan on coming into the office, there should be several signs on the windows and on the floor to show where you need to stand. If it’s a smaller office, there should be a clear sign to tell you how many people can be in the office at one time.If your storage unit requires access through an elevator, there should be signage about the number of people allowed in the elevator. Closed-in areas such as elevators are highly susceptible to close contact and overcapacity should be avoided.

How Often Are Hallways, Elevators, and Restrooms Sanitized?

Cleaning and sanitization is an obvious way to decrease the spread of germs. With COVID-19, a self-storage facility should be increasing the frequency of cleaning high-touch areas—one primary area is in the elevators and hallways. If possible, there should be visible cleaning schedules, just as you see in some restroom facilities noting who cleaned the area and when. Having the appropriate signage and understanding the cleaning schedule helps renters and visitors feel their safety is taken seriously. 

Choose a Reliable Storage Facility in New York and New Jersey

With convenient sites in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Paterson and Woodbridge, NJ, Treasure Island Storage knows the local neighborhood. Our team members are proud to live and work in the very same neighborhoods as you. Treasure Island Storage offers small to large storage units in temperature-controlled facilities to give you peace of mind. Plus, we offer a 24/7 security system to guard your belongings. We also offer the FREE use of our moving vans!Delivering the best possible customer experience is our primary goal. Our staff and facilities are currently following all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety. Call (646) 603-1505 or complete our contact form to inquire about our available units today! You can also rent your unit and make payments 100% online, so you can stay home and stay safe while getting the storage you need.