Looters Target Small Businesses, Restaurants During Coronavirus

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May 8th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has hit New York City especially hard, but the Stay At Home orders have shown that in a city of 8 million people, residents can follow social distancing orders and take action to protect themselves and others. Following reports about local hospitals being overwhelmed and running short on supplies, residents have responded by donating supplies to help them.Sadly, as much as the pandemic has brought out the best in many, it’s also brought out the worst in others, including those targeting empty stores and restaurants to steal what they can. While the health crisis continues in NYC and the economy has taken a hit from the lockdown orders, there’s now also a growing crime problem to deal with.For any business that’s closed down, leaving your most expensive and valuable equipment, supplies, or inventory in a vacant shop is a serious risk. A better option is to store those items someplace where they’re going to be safe and secure. Self-storage units allow business owners to put whatever is valuable in a unit where thieves can’t easily break into.

How Much Has Looting Increased in NYC?

Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the closing of all businesses considered “non-essential,” such as restaurants, bars, hair salons and gyms, businesses all across the state have sent workers home and shut their doors. While some restaurants are trying to cope by offering take out meals, many others have simply closed down. Unfortunately, empty storefronts have become an invitation for thieves.While crime rates have dropped overall and more people are staying at home, break-ins at small businesses have been increasing in some U.S. cities. New York City declared a state of emergency on March 12, and since then commercial burglaries have surged to 763, with more than 100 of those break-ins at restaurants. Gas stations and other retailers have also been top targets. 

What’s Being Done About the Increase in Looting in NYC?

Many restaurant owners have responded by boarding up their storefronts in the hope of protecting their property from looters. But the challenge is that as NYC remains the epicenter of the virus in the U.S. and unemployment skyrockets, the burglaries at commercial establishments across all five boroughs keeps rising. The New York City Police Department recorded a 75% jump in burglaries of businesses between March 12-31, with thieves apparently targeting food, alcohol, and retail goods, and getting inside the stores by kicking in doors or breaking windows.At the same time, about 20 percent of the NYPD police force is out sick from the coronavirus, so combating these thefts won’t be easy. And boarded up shops is no guarantee that thieves won’t make continued attempts to force their way in.

How Can Self-Storage Protect Businesses During the Lockdown?

There’s a better way. Any business owner that wants to protect their valuable belongings during the lockdown should consider the benefits of renting a self-storage unit at Treasure Island Storage, which has facilities across the city. These units come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of both small and larger businesses, and short and long-term leasing agreements are available. Whatever you store with us at Treasure Island Storage, you can easily access what you have here.Treasure Island Storage also takes the issue of security very seriously. We have advanced security measures that include video surveillance, front gate access, and enhanced indoor and outdoor lighting to discourage thieves. Our units are also protective in another way, through climate control that maintains the same temperature at all times so everything you bring here is well protected from the summer heat and humidity or frigid winter cold.By bringing your inventory, supplies, products or specialized equipment to Treasure Island Storage, your items will be safer here than at your storefront.

Safe and Secure Storage Units Available in NYC

If you have a business in New York City that’s temporarily closed until the lockdown is lifted and you’re allowed to reopen, and you’re worried about your store being targeted by looters, Treasure Island Storage can assist you during the COVID-19 shutdown period. With a variety of sizes and features in our many locations, we have storage units specifically made to meet your commercial storage needs.We offer free pick up services, free wifi and internet access here, and the best in security. Treasure Island Storage has more than a decade of experience in the commercial storage business, so we know how to take proper care of all your restaurant and business belongings. Give us a call at 212-804-8972 to find out about all our units, services, and locations today.