Marie Kondo’s Top 5 Storage Tips


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September 12th, 2021

Marie Kondo, best known for her books and Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kando, has introduced a new way to organize our homes. Her iconic question, “Does it spark joy?” has reshaped the way people think about their belongings. An item in your home shouldn’t just take up space; it should serve you, and as Marie Kondo says, it should bring you joy.

Understanding Marie Kondo’s Top 5 Storage Tips

With Marie Kondo’s approach to our home’s space and objects in mind, here are five tips on utilizing storage.

1. Take Inventory of Your Belongings

Step one to reorganizing your home is to know and understand what you have. As we saw in her Netflix show, Marie Kondo recommends taking everything out of its current storage space. Lay out every single item of clothing, all your coffee mugs, every trinket and then look at each individual object. To move forward from this step, you have to know precisely what items you have, how much you have, and if you need all of them. Each object must spark joy and serve a purpose.

2. It’s About Categories, Not the Room

When we clean, we tackle each room individually. Marie Kono’s advice is to tackle organizing by categories. Things used regularly should be easily accessible and stored in the same place. Clothing should be broken down into its own categories for organization and locating.Breaking down clothing into categories can look like storing it by tops, bottoms, or items that need hanging. This same approach can work in your kitchen by breaking down your kitchen appliances into their categories and storing them accordingly. Tackling organizing room to room rather than by category isn’t as effective because it can result in items being spread around your home rather than stored together.

3. Store Items Vertically, Not Horizontally

Objects stored vertically not only look better, but they are more accessible. Instead of folding your clothes and stacking them, consider arranging them vertically. With your shirts and pants stored like books on a shelf, you’ll have more space and be able to see each item. Stacking your clothes limits your sight, as they say out of sight out of mine. By storing objects virtually, you’ll always know what you have.

4. Make Use of Your Containers

Making use of your container sounds like a no-brainer, but we don’t always make the best use of the storage containers we have. Food containers, for example, do not merely hold food. A clear food container can make a perfect home for makeup products or craft supplies.Marie Kono emphasizes the utility of boxes we typically throw away, such as shoeboxes, tissue boxes, and chocolate boxes. A tissue box can be a perfect place to store grocery bags. Shoe boxes can be placed in drawers to help divide the space. There’s no need to drop hundreds of storage boxes when many of us have them at hand already.

5. Go Paperless

In this digital age, there’s no need to have a paper trail of documents. Paper can take up a surprising amount of space. Instead of the physical paper trail, have one online where it’s easier to find and doesn’t clutter your home. There’s no need to keep a stack of your receipts or bills when the majority can be saved online.

Self-Storage Solutions with Treasure Island Storage in New York

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