Moving and Storage Tips for College Students During Campus Shutdowns


TI Storage
October 7th, 2020

For college students across the country, the COVID-19 crisis has caused displacement, uncertainty, and a less-than-ideal environment for taking classes and enjoying university life. Many colleges have even shut down their campuses, canceled in-person classes, and closed dormitories in favor of virtual learning, putting students in an awkward position in terms of where to live and stow their belongings. Some have headed to their family homes, while others have rented off-campus apartments.Those students who are left in limbo—even those virtually participating in classes from their family home—may be wondering where to put all of their belongings. If your stuff is currently squeezed in the basement of your house, stuck in a closed dorm, or resting in a pile to be donated or tossed because you have no other option, there may be an easier way. For those students stuck in a state of confusion and uncertainty, here are a few stress-free storage tips that may provide you with some much-needed breathing room.  

Tips for Storing Your Belongings During College Campus Shutdowns

Even if you’re comfortable with your storage options right now—or if your school and dormitory are still open—a campus-wide outbreak that shuts down the entire school could once again leave you scrambling for alternatives. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, whether you’re in immediate need or just planning ahead in case disaster strikes.
  • Store your belongings in a self-storage unit: Sure, moving your stuff to and from your family home is an option, but it’s far from ideal. You may live far away from your college, and moving truck costs certainly add up. Using a local storage unit is the easiest and most cost-effective way to temporarily keep all of your possessions in one place. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but many storage companies like Treasure Island Storage will provide you with a free moving truck, a variety of unit sizes, climate-controlled facilities, and 24/7 security.
  • Plan ahead: In case of a sudden school-wide COVID-19 outbreak, you’ll want to be ready for anything that comes your way. Determine the self-storage facilities nearby that provide affordable and useful amenities. You’ll want to be one of the first to reserve a unit since they might sell out fast. Additionally, if you have friends or family who live nearby, ask them if you can temporarily store some of your belongings with them. This could be helpful in the short term until you can determine a better solution.
  • Combine with friends: Most storage facilities provide a variety of sizes, but it may make more financial sense to combine your belongings with a friend or a roommate. You may consider this option if you don’t have enough items to fill up the space and don’t want to bear the expense alone.
During these uncertain times, a self-storage facility may be your best bet if you and your belongings have been left in limbo. In general, it’s important to be creative. The best you can do is strategize ahead of time, try to be cost-effective, and think outside the box.

How to be Cost Effective When Using a Self-Storage Unit

We understand the importance of being economical when using a self-storage unit. After all, college is expensive as it is, so you’re likely on a budget. Tacking on an extra cost can be a real burden. Here are a few tips that may lower your overall costs:
  • Utilize the entire storage locker, including vertical space
  • Pack strategically by putting the biggest and heaviest items in first
  • Disassemble your bulky items to create more space
  • Use shelving units
  • Sell or donate any belongings you no longer need
In general, cutting costs comes down to picking the smallest storage locker you can get away with. However, don’t make the mistake of picking a unit that’s too small, as you may find yourself in a pickle if you realize halfway through the move that not everything will fit. Most storage facilities, like Treasure Island Storage, will have an expert ready to help you estimate approximately how much floor space you’ll need.

Store Your Belongings with the Experts at Treasure Island Storage

At Treasure Island Storage, we know how challenging this pandemic has been for college students across the country. Dealing with online classes and uncertain living situations probably isn’t the college experience you expected. Our team wants to make your storing experience as easy as possible, which is why we provide a free moving truck, month-to-month leasing, and units starting as low as $19 at select locations.We have 12 convenient sites located through New York and New Jersey, each of which offer express check-in, a variety of unit sizes, climate control, and 24/7 security. With more than 10 years of experience in the storage business, we know how to take care of you and your belongings. Give us a call at (646) 603-1505, chat with us live, or complete our online contact form to speak with an expert today!