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January 31st, 2018

Moving wine from place to place can be a tricky concept. For a firm advocate or connoisseur, wine is an investment, and no expense should be spared to ensure flawless shipment and delivery. There are many components to take into consideration when moving wine across the state or even internationally. Factors like packaging, temperature, delivery location, and driving in the most mint conditions are all concerns that should be kept in mind. One mistake could be the variable between exemplary alcohol or sour wine. It is essential to know as many tips possible for transporting what could be your most prized possession.

Time of the Year

When it comes to growth and cultivation, wine grapes can be harvested and concentrated in the most extreme conditions. The stress of the natural environment can have an essential influence on the fruity, dry or bitter flavors and aromas that wine emits. The general rule of thumb is that the older wine is, the more susceptible it becomes to aging when the temperature fluctuates. The ideal time to move wine would be during cooler seasons such as autumn and spring, avoiding the summer months if possible. If you have no choice but to ship within the summer, investing in the most precautionary company and systems are crucially significant.

Get Your Wine Appraised

For larger alcohol assemblies, determining the value of your wine can be beneficial when deciding which ones are essential for shipping and others that can be discarded or passed along as gifts. Winemaking is not an inexpensive industry. In the most high-end restaurants, the price of wine is over $200 a bottle or $50 a glass. An appraiser can aid in establishing the market price of each bottle or the collection as a whole. The final appraisal will be the governing factor towards choosing the most appropriate insurance policy if an accident should occur. That way, there will be compensation for potential damages.

Get Insurance

Some moving companies offer insurance, or it can be purchased separately. Consulting a renowned insurance company and opting in for the best deals will be a wise decision for protecting your investment.

Make a Wine Inventory

Getting a detailed checklist of each wine bottle can help prevent the trouble of figuring out what goes where and creates an organized eye on your stock. There are so many boxesand containers that look similar; it can be challenging to keep your Grigio separated from your Chardonnay. A structured checklist will cut out the middleman and inconvenience of individually sorting through each box and bottle, increasing merchandise efficiency.

Shipping Together or Shipping Alone

If you are moving across states, you’re not only bringing your wine possessions; you’re packing your whole life! Furniture, clothes, cars etc…it is all coming along. To save up on the time and fuss of moving, you may find it cost-effective to move all your items at once. This form of moving is not ideal for proper wine transportation. Not only do you want your wine in a temp-friendly environment, but you also want to avoid the liability of furniture crushing an expensive box of cabernet. Although it may seem a tad more pricey to rent out two separate trucks, it will pay off in the long run when the collection has arrived unscathed to its destination.

Ensure the Perfect Conditions

Not all moving companies are qualified to carry wine. Wine is a perishable item and should be handled and stored with caution. Increases in temperature can lead to fermentation (sugar breakdown) of wine, which can change the total taste of your product. Wine should be stored at the optimal temp of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It is imperative to look up the reviews of your carriers to guarantee your wine will be stored in a refrigerated transit-controlled environment.

Proper Wine Packaging Boxes

The notion of durability is not a one size fits all when choosing packaging boxes for a precious assemblage. Security and space are the most critical ingredients for an unimpaired transit.   There are at least three different boxes to choose from. The right one is dependent on the form of travel

Assess Safety and Tracking Options

In addition to taking inventory, be mindful to keep track of location and rate of delivery per carrier. Being able to keep track and monitor which state your stockpile has passed allows assurance and peace of mind that the wine is being transported promptly and taken to its final site. Find a company that will enable online access to your bulk from a phone or laptop for proper monitoring

Learn About Alcohol Moving Policies Between States and Countries

Determine appropriate wine transportation regulations per state. Different states have alcohol border rules requiring permits and proof of distribution to a consumer. Look up the direct shipment of alcohol state statues before beginning your deliveries.If you are shipping wine to the states of New Jersey or New York, look no further than Treasure Island Storage to suit your wine storage needs. With our state-of-the-art security system, climate-controlled wine cellars, easy walk-in access and our pickup and delivery services offered, you can rest assured that your collection is in good hands. We have been in business for over ten years, and we know how to take care of your belongings and you. Contact us today for a quote!