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December 25th, 2018

The holiday season is here, and so are the decorations and celebrations that go along with it. When opening up your storage boxes of favorite glass ornaments, tree trimmings, and mantel top decorations, you want to find everything in the perfect condition you stored from last season. If you have the misfortune a few decorations, not surviving storage, check out some of our helpful tips so this doesn’t happen next holiday season.

Tree Trimmings and Garland

When it’s time to take down your garland and other tree trimmings from around your home, try to drape it over you or a helper’s arm as you do it. This technique prevents tangles and eases placement into a plastic tub or storage box. When you are putting it away, try to wrap it in coils along the inner walls of the container and separate different strands with some paper if used in different holiday displays. This notation will help you easily remember where to hang it up again the next year.Another essential step for storing garland and trimmings is to put all the adornments hung on it inside the tub with it. You can wrap them up neatly in tissue paper and put them in the center of the garland coil you have made.

Organize Ornaments

It’s important to make an effort to store similar ornaments together. You should keep like ornaments in organizer boxes that have individual compartments. You have all sorts of organizer options to choose from, make sure the container is sturdy and has dividers throughout. You can use a wine box or a specially designed tub from a local store. You should do the following to ensure your favorite ornaments stored properly:
  • Using tissue paper, wrap the ornament and put it in a compartment
  • Use extra cushioning if the ornament is significantly smaller than the storage space
  • Don’t be a scrooge with padding. Avoid breakage with lots of cushion.
  • Make a list of the ornaments you have stored and put in the storage bin

Delicate Decorations

Take time to gently wrap every delicate glitter-encrusted flat ornament that you own with some tissue paper secured with a bit of tape. Use a small shoe box or plastic tub to put them in and clearly label what is inside the box. This method is ideal for these types of ornaments, but what about those that are odd shaped?Christmas ornaments come in all types of unusual styles and designs and can be difficult to store safely. You can wrap them carefully using layers of tissue paper and bubble wrap to avoid breaking in storage. Like your delicate flat ornaments, it’s also important to label the box they are in so you always know where they are and to be careful when handling their container.

Large Hanging Decorations

Properly storing a wreath or other large hung decor doesn’t have to be difficult. An essential first step before saving these types of items is to dust and clean them before wrapping and boxing. Once you have done this, it is time to decide how you prefer to store it all.You might be using a storage closet that you can hang a wreath on one of its walls. Or maybe you don’t have an enclosed space with walls to hang on, so you will need to use a container like a hat box or specialized tub to put them in. Whichever route you decide to go, be sure to still wrap your hung decorations in a plastic bag or bubble wrap. This not only prevents dust from collecting while being stored but also allows you to layer multiple items if your container is large enough.

Christmas Lights

We have all been there. We open our box of lights, and the tangles and damaged bulbs add a lot of extra time in the process. Fortunately, we have several useful ways to store your Christmas lights so you won’t have the frustration of tangled wiring next year.  A few helpful techniques to take down and store lights are:
  • Wrap them around your arm or a large paper tube to keep untangled
  • Wrap tissue paper around them – lights can break
  • Use wire ties or clips to maintain the circular pattern you created
  • Store them in a plastic tub
In addition to using a traditional plastic container that you lay them in, you might also consider wrapping lights around a coat hanger and merely hanging in your closet after wrapping with tissue paper.

Storing Holiday Candles

Wax can be a very delicate material to keep maintained in good condition. Too much heat can cause candles to warp and melt. While it is recommended to store them in a cool, even refrigerated place, it’s not always a feasible option. When this is the case, you should wrap each candle individually in cellophane to prevent transference of one candle’s color on to another. It’s highly advised not to use wrapping material made of plastic wrap or with a wax coating because in heat they will melt on to your candles. Avoid wrapping your candles in plastic wrap or waxed paper because these materials might melt onto the candles if stored in a warm place.

Multi-Piece Seasonal Decorations

A lot of holiday decorations involve multiple pieces like a Santa and his reindeer sleigh set, for example. You don’t want to risk the chance of misplacing Rudolph in your large decor collection, so consider the following tips to keep your favorite multi-piece decorations together forever
  • Don’t put pieces in separate boxes and get a container to hold all
  • Wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap or tissue paper
  • Make a checklist of all parts in the set and place in the box
  • Label the outside of the box

Glass and Porcelain Wares

Not everyone has a display hutch or dining cabinet to store away our holiday dishware or candelabras. It is possible to put them away in a sturdy box safely for the next season. For dishes, in particular, you can line the container you chose with paper and bubble wrap and then carefully stack each plate on top of each other with bubble wrap in between. When done, fill in any gaps that would allow movement of the dishes, then seal shut.

Professional Storage for Holiday Decorations

Storage services aren’t just for business to store away their excess office furniture and supplies. Many families rent a storage space for seasonal property like outdoor patio furniture and holiday decorations. A climate-controlled environment is ideal for preserving the condition of your favorite Christmas displays and seasonal decor.Since the late 90’s, TI Storage has offered a large variety of storage options to hold unneeded possessions between uses. Our climate-controlled units can store your environment sensitive items so that you don’t have to worry about moisture or excessive heat causing damage and use your limited storage in your home for regularly used items instead.  There is also 24/7 security and an entire team that makes sure your stuff stays safe, dry, and pest-free. Contact Treasure Island Storage today by calling (347) 454-7455 to find out more about taking steps to optimize your home and business.