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Popular Bedroom Trends that Maximize Space

Living in New York City can require a bit of creativity when it comes to storing your stuff. So many city apartments are infamously small, and trying to store our belongings is practically a hobby. If you have ever felt like you have to sacrifice your personal style in your bedroom to fit everything into it, we have a few space-saving trends you might want to try out.

2021 Bedroom Trends that Will Increase Your Available Storage Space

There are plenty of space-saving examples when it comes to organizing small living spaces, but we want to share four of our favorite 2021 trends that are not just gorgeous, but will also work to increase your available bedroom storage space.

Hanging Pendant Lights

More people are opting to ditch their nightstand table lamps in favor of hanging pendant lights on each side of their bed. Not only will hanging your bedside lighting save you valuable nightstand space, but may look much better than traditional lamps. Pendant lights come in so many different styles that you should have no problem finding a pair that will integrate into your apartment.

Loft Beds

Commonly seen in tiny homes, loft beds are now taking over New York City apartments. If you have limited floor space and high ceilings, a loft or platform bed is the best way to maximize your available space. Although this trend is not recommended for those who are unable or unwilling to climb in and out of their bed each day, a loft bed can really transform a small bedroom into a more enjoyable space for those who are willing to do some climbing.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the most versatile trends when it comes to increasing your available storage space. A floating shelf on your wall not only has the ability to replace your bulky bookcases, but it can also act as a nightstand, laptop desk, or entry table by your front door. Wall shelving almost always looks good, and we think this trend will be sticking around for a while.

Beds with Storage

Beds that have built-in storage or drawers are popping up in almost every furniture store lately. It’s no wonder why these beds are becoming so popular –– they offer some of the best storage options you can find for small bedrooms. If your bedroom space is so limited that you wouldn’t be able to fully open an under-the-bed drawer, try storing items in bins that you can easily slide in and out from beneath your bed.

Maximize Your Bedroom Storage Space in New York City

If you have tried all of the space-saving trends in your bedroom and are still lacking the storage space you need, Treasure Island Storage may be able to help. With local storage units all over the New York City area, you can store any of your belongings that you are unable to squeeze into your apartment at any of our convenient locations. Call (646) 846-9449 or complete our online contact form.