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December 16th, 2019

If you’re like many families, Thanksgiving means a big holiday meal, heading out shopping on Black Friday, and holiday decorating. Christmas trees, wreaths, festive lights, garlands, mistletoe, and seasonal knick-knacks must take their place throughout the home to invoke the holiday spirit.Decorating for the holidays can be a real joy for the entire family, and is something many people look forward to after Thanksgiving, although it can be a lot of work. Then, once the holidays are over, it’s time to bring everything down and put it in storage for the next 11 months.If you want those decorations to look fantastic in December 2020, it’s important to store everything properly, ensuring that nothing gets broken over time. If you’re not certain of the best methods for storing away your Christmas decorations, let’s guide you through the most effective ways to get your decoration storage down to an art form.

What Are Practical Ways to Store Christmas Decorations?

While it can be a bit sad to take down those beautifully mounted decorations, it can be even sadder to store them in ways that leave expensive decorations vulnerable to being broken or damaged.  But storing decorations doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it can be another way for the family to gather after the holiday season. Avoiding broken ornaments or holiday lights getting badly tangled up is the way to go. So where do you begin?

Holiday Boxes are Ideal for Holiday Storage

On Christmas morning, there are lots of presents to be opened — and lots of boxes that become obsolete as soon as we take the gifts out. But if your inclination is to simply throw them out or recycle them – don’t. Depending on the size of those boxes, they’re ideal for safely packaging holiday items. So save up those Amazon boxes and see what decorations fit nicely inside them.

Keeping Your Wreaths from Being Flattened

One of the big annoyances around the holidays is getting your wreaths out of storage and finding they’ve been flattened or crushed because heavier items ended up on top of them. Ouch. Rather than laying them flat on the ground, how about covering them with a dry cleaning or plastic trash bag and hanging them in storage instead? Using a hanger to hang your carefully wrapped up wreath is a surefire way to keep it looking just as pretty on your front door next year.Using a bag to cover it also helps protect the wreath from dirt, dust, and moisture, ensuring that all the pine cones and bows on it stay intact.

Keeping your Artificial Trees in Good Shape

If you’ve got an artificial tree, you might be used to taking it apart every year and putting it back in the box in multiple pieces. But you could also shrink wrap it instead. The benefit is that a year from now you just cut open that shrink wrap and set the tree in your living room without the need to assemble it once again. A tree storage bag is a good investment and a convenient way to protect your tree over the non-holiday months.

Safe Storage for Christmas Ornaments

While bags can be ideal for wreaths and artificial trees, that’s not the case with fragile ornaments. While it may seem convenient to gently place them all in a light bag, that won’t provide adequate protection for them.To be extra careful, you should place the ornaments in a hard plastic storage container, wrapping each one with tissue paper or bubble wrap first. You can also use cardboard dividers to separate them inside the container. And don’t forget to label this container so you know to be extra careful with it when placing it in storage.

Holiday Candles Can Last in Storage

If you have holiday candles that are used as decorative items during the Christmas season, put them in storage as safely as possible. Start by wrapping them in cellophane, which not only keeps them from getting damaged but can prevent the wax inside them from melting if they get too warm.Once you have all your decorations packaged and ready, your next step is to find the ideal storage place for them. Rather than putting them in your attic or basement — where the summer heat or frigid winter could potentially damage them — considered putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit like the ones available at Treasure Island Storage.Attics, basements or closets are spots where extreme changes in humidity and temperature can be potentially harmful, while excess moisture can ruin your fragile ornaments. The same is true for placing them in your garage or workshop, or under the bed.To ensure your beloved Christmas mainstays continue to light up your home every holiday season, it’s important to pack them away with love and care, but it’s also important to store them in a place where they’re safe from any damage. That’s exactly what a storage unit offers.

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