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April 2nd, 2018

Once winter passes, the bees begin to buzz and flowers start to bloom. Springtime is approaching your doorstep which means “goodbye” frostbite and “hello” sundresses. With the new season just days away, give your home a renovation, alongside your wardrobe. There are many ways to revamp your residence with spring cleaning and maintenance to a entire landscape change. Put away those sweaters and let the sun shine through your corridors with these essential tips for springtime preparation.

Add a Spring Theme to Your Home

Give your home a floral fresh look with a springtime theme! Soft pastel colors, flowers and wildlife are perfect for adding a subtle flare. Hang a birdhouse outside your doorstep or arrange a bed of spring flowers along your windowsill like lilies, daffodils, or tulips. Wallpaper or a coat of baby blue paint will bring a room to life. Make it simple by switching your room decor from winter comforters to light, fine bed sheets and matching curtains.When redecorating your home, it’s likely that you’ll have to put certain decorative items to the side to make room for season-appropriate decor. While some of which you may not mind disregarding, there is likely to be others that you rather hold on to for many winters to come. Instead of jamming them into your hallway closet, take advantage of a self-storage unit nearby. Treasure Island Storage provides closet-sized storage units that best accommodate small items that you may need out of the way for some time. With 24-hour access to your unit, feel free to stop by and recover items that you may not have known you needed.

Declutter Your Home

Living in an area where it snows in the winter tends to cause clutter from bulking up on winter coats and snow shoes. Whether it’s 30 degrees Fahrenheit or a snow blizzard, finding time to keep clean and organized in the winter is challenging. This spring, collect all your winter gear and take it to a reliable storage facility. No need to overstuff your closets and drawers with old winter clothes, store it in a safe unit till the following year.Clothing may not be the only thing you need to put away in storage this spring. Many New Yorkers use the inches of snow and frigid temperatures to travel upstate and engage in their favorite winter sports. Whether that be snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, or any other exhilarating activity, the equipment needed for these sports can be bulky and require a storage space of their own. Trust Treasure Island Storage to fulfill all of your self-storage needs. Some of the greatest benefits of self-storage include:
  • 24-hour access to your belongings
  • Around the clock security
  • Climate-controlled storage units
  • Self-organization
  • Variously-sized units

Dedicate a Day for Spring Cleaning

The harsh effects of winter can wreak havoc on your home, from leaky gutters and impaired ceilings to splits in the trim and moldings around the property. Spring cleaning is essential for proper recovery. Create a checklist of to-dos and d contribute a day to pristine sanitation. A few spring cleaning ideas include:
  • Carpet steaming
  • Dusting ceiling fans and picture frames
  • Sealing cracks around the home
  • Polishing floors

Air Conditioning Maintenance

An appropriately maintained air conditioning unit is the turning point between a miserable or lovely spring season. Aside from cooling your residence, your A/C unit fights against the effects of humidity and warm temperatures that cause mold and fungus growth in your home. Improper ventilation contributes to long-term health conditions like asthma or snoring so scheduling a HVAC appointment is a checklist priority. Change your filters and ensure your A/C wiring is good to go. In the instance you are unable to repair your unit right away, keep vital items like wine or upholstery protected from heat with a climate controlled storage rental.

Refresh your Landscaping

Between the winds and bee pollination, spring is also a pivotal time for allergens. If you enjoy gardening or decorating your living room with plant-life, combat the discomfort of pollen by remodeling your landscape and decor to something allergy-free or even plastic. Some allergy-free plants include; begonias, crocus’, leather flowers or columbines. Delight in the beauty of spring without a potential reaction.Declutter your home and welcome the spring season with a Treasure Island Storage rental. We offer climate-controlled units, high-end security, and various unit sizes for residential and commercial storage. If you are a resident of the New York or New Jersey metro area, we can help provide a smooth transition from the winter to the spring with our flexible hours, express check-in, and free moving services. For more rental information, call us at 347-454-7455 or contact us online.