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Reasons to Keep Houseplants in Your NYC Apartment

One of the most popular ways that NYC residents are updating their home d├ęcor is with houseplants. Decorators may recommend plastic plants, but having real plants in your home can have many advantages. This trendy method of modernizing your interior design adds a natural feeling to your NYC apartment, and it can also provide a variety of health benefits.

If you are redecorating to make more room in your home, adding plants to your space might be just the improvement needed to freshen up your NYC apartment.

Plants Purify the Air Around Them

The most notable benefit of adding houseplants to your NYC apartment is that they remove toxins from the air and purify it, making it easier to breathe. Chemicals in the air can be dangerous, but many houseplants can eliminate toxins and create a healthier environment.

Indoor plants are great at removing airborne toxins for those who live in large cities where the pollution levels are high. Chrysanthemum, snake plants, ferns, and ficus can drastically improve your indoor air quality.

Plants Can Reduce Airborne Allergens

NYC residents are familiar with the increased levels of pollen that have impacted individuals with seasonal allergies, but a houseplant can help reduce the impact of pollen allergies.

Pollen levels fluctuate throughout the year, so it is always the right time to add a houseplant to your apartment. Plants such as the peace lily, the spider plant, and the golden pothos provide benefits to those living in NYC and suffering from allergies.

Plants Can Improve Your Sleep

Living in a big city has its advantages, but it can be a challenge when the sound of nearby nightlife prevents you from getting any rest. Plants like aloe vera and lavender have been proven to provide more sleeping benefits for those who have them in their home, and they also make a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

Plants like jasmine and valerian provide soothing scents that also remove dangerous toxins from the air. Moving your furniture around and storing unused items to accommodate these plants can help you enjoy a more fitful sleep.

Making Room for Plants in Your NYC Apartment

If you are like any of the thousands of individuals who are renting a small apartment in NYC, you understand how important it is to maximize your living space. Certain plants require constant sunlight, which may mean you need to reorganize your space to accommodate. Moving furniture that you do not regularly use into a local self-storage unit is an easy and convenient way to create more room in your NYC apartment.

Not only does storing rarely-used furniture free up space, but it can also help to improve the perceived size of your apartment. With more room for plants in your home, you are well on your way to understanding the variety of benefits that they provide.

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