TI Storage
February 8th, 2017

At Treasure Island Storage we want to give our customers options for renting a New York storage unit. Giving people the ability to rent online is one of many ways we provide that flexibility. However, we understand that renting online is not a one-size-fits-all solution. When you need a storage unit in New York, check out the services we offer to see whether you should make your rental online or in person.

Renting Online

Making a purchase online was considered a new, strange concept only a couple of years ago. Now that online shopping and streaming services are quickly becoming the new standard, it’s hard to think of any business that does not provide an online option. When renting a New York storage unit through our website, you have the ability to schedule when and where to drop off your valuables without having to speak to someone. This can be a great option for anyone who may be shy about talking to people over the phone or doesn’t have a lot of time throughout the day. Information through online rentals include available storage unit dimensions, locations, reviews, and hours you can access your items.

Renting in Person

Some customers prefer to schedule a storage unit rental in person. When you visit one of our many locations, you have the ability to see for yourself what options we have available. Since our storage units are located all across New York (including two sites in New Jersey) you never have to travel too far to find an option that’s right for you. While we provide as much relevant information as possible online, we understand that each client will have his particular needs. Our customer service representatives can answer any questions or concerns you may have that our online pages might not address.Regardless of whether you pick online or in-person rental for your storage unit, we work hard to make sure you find what you need. While having a high quality storage unit is important, it does not mean much if the customer experience does not meet expectations. When you’re ready to rent, contact us at Treasure Island Storage at (347) 454-7455 or check out our available locations near you!