Smart Storage Solutions for Back to School


TI Storage
October 9th, 2020

With fall school terms back in full swing, you may realize that your house is feeling cramped and not offering a lot of storage space for art supplies, academic sports equipment, and other related items. The best first step to take is decluttering your home of unwanted items that are not being used.If you realize that you can’t part with some of the excess, you may need to consider moving any non-essential furniture, toys, and holiday decorations to a storage unit instead. This frees up space for more frequently used items to be stored in your limited household storage space. Also, you should consider updating how you keep these areas organized, which will help maximize how much you can store at home.

Create a Pantry that Maximizes Storage Space and Efficiency

One area that many households struggle to keep organized during the school year is the pantry. Everyone in your home frequents this spot, and when you add in children who need to grab lunch items and breakfast foods, keeping things orderly is essential. If you don’t have a centralized location to store food, consider creating one in a closet or garage corner nearest your kitchen.

Utilize a Variety of Sortable Storage Options

Students, whether in college or grade school, need a variety of portable storage options for these items collected from their classes and extracurriculars. This can be a real challenge if your home has limited closet space and creates disorganized heaps of belongings all over your home. To contain this situation, the use of bookshelves with smaller basket containers to separate supplies into more manageable categories can prevent school clutter from invading every room of your home.Another organizational idea is to use pegboards on a wall to make mounting of pocket shelving and similar hanging storage containers easier to use.

Replace Old Furniture With More Functional Options

In small apartments or rooms that can spare wall space for shelving, using furniture that has multi-functional featurescan create an organizational solution without sacrificing any space. A popular option for kids is the use of a loft bed with a built-in desk area underneath. You could also choose a platform bed that incorporates storage drawers into the base or under-bed storage boxes to utilize space that normally gets wasted.If your student is an avid sports player, you can avoid a pile of equipment in your hallway closet or garage by investing in weather-resistant deck containers that create easily accessible storage options.

Inexpensive Functional Storage Options for the School Year

If you need just a few simple options that won’t require much effort other than a small budget and a couple of minutes of assembly, popular options include:
  • Back-of-door hanging shoe organizers to organize everything from toys to school supplies
  • Under-cabinet storage pockets to hold favorite packable lunch snacks
  • Foldaway wall-mounted tables to create temporary homework space
  • Shoe racks with baskets for organizing of toys or art supplies
  • Wall mounting hardware for televisions or computer monitors to save desk space
  • Countertop lazy Susan for easier food access in one centralized location

Outsourcing Your Organizational Needs to a Storage Unit

Being able to store everything at your home in an organized and efficient way is a plus—but not always feasible. With many households bursting at the seams with their young learners participating in remote learning, carving out space for their school-related items requires a lot of space. If you are in this situation, working with Treasure Island Storage to rent a unit that fits your needs may be the best solution.If you have a college student that has decided to live away from home on a college campus, you may be considering renovating their old room into the home office you’ve always needed, but you can’t get rid of their belongings. This situation highlights just how easy self-storing can be for families this school year.

Streamline Your Home This School Year With Treasure Island Storage

We offer many conveniently located storage facilities throughout New York and New Jersey, and you can reserve a unit online to help you start storing unneeded items and belongings right away! Our company also provides a free moving service to transfer your valuables into your new unit a cinch.Treasure Island Storage proudly offers express check-in, temperature-controlled lockers, and 24/7 security to keep your items safe. Our family-owned business is one of the fastest-growing providers of self-storage in the region. Give us a call at (646) 603-1505, chat with us live, or make an appointment online to find out more today!