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May 4th, 2018

Many of us get the itch to commence spring cleaning the very first 60+ degree day.  We think of opening the windows, pulling out the porch cushions and getting ready for the best weather in months.  It’s a time of renewal and you can feel the surge of energy in the air. But, spring cleaning can also feel like summiting Mount Everest. Without a roadmap you can find yourself knee deep in a mess that you are not entirely sure how to clean up.To be clear, any successful deep cleaning– season aside, has to begin with decluttering.  Without decluttering, you will always find yourself negotiating with space and wrestling with your stuff as you try to dust and prep so that you can enjoy the warmer months.  Otherwise, it’s like trying to go on a diet while the pantry is still full of cookies and chips. Consider the tips below for decluttering; then, when you’re ready to put stuff into storage, check out a Treasure Island Storage facility near you for convenient and affordable self-storage options in Queens, Brooklyn, and more!

Preparing for Spring Cleaning in NYC

How does one get started?
  1. START WITH A VISION of your ideal life.  How do you want to be spending your free time this Spring?  Are you playing sports? Getting back to gardening? Reading more on the front porch?  Doing more yoga? It’s important to imagine these ideal scenarios so that you have something to strive for as you get organized.
  2. DECLUTTER ONE CATEGORY AT A TIME with emphasis on keeping what you love and making a designated “home” for those things.  Looking at each category of belongings in its entirety, such as clothes (all clothes, including winter and summer clothes together), books or linens, forces you to honestly see how much of one thing you have.  To properly do this, you have to fully empty the closet, wardrobe, media drawer, and everywhere else you keep things. For the things that you want to deliberately keep, but genuinely have no space for, that’s when you can evaluate offsite storage options.  The goal is just to make sure you don’t forget what you have stored away and to be mindful about it.  Keeping an inventory log like a factory would a warehouse can also help with this.
  3. ASSESS IN THREE CATEGORIES: KEEP, DONATE OR STORE. Once you have gone through all the categories in your home (clothing, coats, books, linens, cleaning products bath products, sports equipment, etc.) and decided what to keep, donate or store, you will have a clear mind and understanding of everything you own. This will make spring cleaning a true joy because you will know exactly what you want to display and have around you based on your original vision of how you want to pass the most beautiful time of year!
  4. CLEAN WITH GREEN: I’m a big proponent of using green products when you can.  You are detoxing your home, not the opposite, so be kind to your body and use simple vinegar and water-based solutions or look on ewg.org to see how common products are graded.
There are so many great benefits of spring cleaning, you’ll wish you had started sooner! You’ll notice how much easier it is to clean and to maintain a spic-and-span home now that you can see your floor again. Now, your hardest job will be trying to decide what to grill or better yet, who to invite over.Still haven’t jumped on spring cleaning? Allow Treasure Island Storage to simplify your decluttering efforts. We have state-of-the-art storage facilities with top features like 24/7 security, climate control, and convenient locations to help you  make the most out of the season. Contact us for a free storage quote.