TI Storage
December 16th, 2016

Although they lead to beautiful homes, many families dread setting up holiday decorations: they tend to be fragile, hard to replace, and you either have too many of them or not enough. The same issues present themselves when you have to put everything back in storage. We gathered several tips to help make the packing process easier so you can enter the New Year with a clean home and a clear head.

Keep Your Lights Untangled

When you take your Christmas lights out of storage, they tend to come out like a pair of headphones in your pocket: tangled into a ball, except Christmas lights are bigger and break easier. Save yourself a headache for upcoming holidays by finding a method to keep your lights tangle free when you put them in storage. One popular method includes using a reel to secure your lights. It may sound expensive at first, usually running at around $40, but a Christmas light reel as an investment works to prevent bulbs from breaking or internal wires from tearing. For further efficiency, label your Christmas lights’ storage so you know where to hang them for next year.

Crush Proof Cases

Holiday decorators tend to use crush proof cases for wreaths, sensitive items that warp easily under poor storage. However, you can also find specific crush proof cases for your ornaments as well. Ornaments may be one of the trickiest objects to store. They need soft cushioning that prevents damage, but the cushioning can’t take too much space if you want to be efficient. Crush proof cases provide the protection that ornaments and wreaths need and usually run for much cheaper than ornament specific chests.

Organize and Find a Dedicated Space

When packing your stuffed Santa and lit-up candy canes, you may be tempted to throw everything into one huge box. Doing this not only makes carrying your storage difficult, as you will most likely have too much in one container, but it will make the next holidays a nightmare for your family. Take a moment to try to arrange your holiday items into dedicated, marked containers, and then find a dedicated space for them so they can stay out of your way for the next several months.Depending on how festive you are, you may have more boxes to store than your home can handle. If you don’t have any room in your garage, attic, or basement, it may be best to keep your stored Christmas items in a storage unit. If you live in New York or New Jersey, contact us at Treasure Island Storage to inquire about the options available at our local locations. Keep your items safe, stored, and organized to make your holidays a little bit easier.