TI Storage
April 24th, 2017

Packing a work of art is not the same as packing an everyday item. There is not one size fits all scenario when it comes to packing sculptures. Sculptures have the tendency to be awkwardly shaped, oversized, and fragile. Before you attempt to stuff it in a box, here are some tips for packing a sculpture.


To determine, how you will be packaging your sculpture, take out your measuring tape and check the size. It is also important that you know the weight of your sculpture and what it is made of. Fragile sculptures may need extra padding and a crate or small box depending on the size.

Gather Supplies

In preparation for storing your sculpture you will need a few supplies. These include:
  • Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Shredded Paper
  • Cardboard Box
  • Wooden Crate
The size of your box and crate will depend on the size of your sculpture. You can custom make a wooden crate or purchase one at your local hardware store.

Putting it Together

  • Start by wrapping your sculpture with bubble wrap. The number of layers used will depend on the form and shape of your sculpture. Pay close attention to the potentially fragile or delicate sections and add more bubble wrap if necessary.
  • Cut and seal the bubble wrap around your sculpture with tape. You may also wrap a thick blanket or comforter around your sculpture for extra padding.
  • Before placing your sculpture in your box or crate, fill up ⅓ of it with shredded paper. After placing the sculpture, add another layer of paper. You want to leave as little room as possible for internal movement.
  • After completely wrapping your sculpture, depending on the height and weight, you may place it in a cardboard box or a crate for shipping and storage. Typically an object that is under five pounds may be shipped in a box. Anything above that weight should be put in a crate.
  • Seal it up and you’re all ready to go!
Whether you are transporting your sculptures yourself or using a moving company, be sure to label your items “FRAGILE” in big, bold lettering so that it will be handled with care. At Treasure Island Storage we understand how important your valuable items mean to you and whether you are in the process of moving or need to make some extra place in your home, we’ve got room to keep your items safe and secure. Contact us online or by phone at (347) 454-7455 or visit us online to find a TI Storage location near you.