Storing Belongings Before and After a Cross Country RV Trip


TI Storage
November 19th, 2019

Traveling cross-country via RV is an experience like no other. The view sitting so high atop the road looking out across that large windshield makes you feel as if you’re truly the captain of your ship.Another reason why traveling in an RV is so exciting is because you can really stop to smell the roses! You have the luxury of spending more time enjoying the places that you visit rather than just zipping by within a few hours.There are countless reasons why traveling cross-country in an RV is such an incredible way to vacation. If you have an RV and get to experience this liberating way to get around, or if you’re dreaming about the prospect of owning one – there are a couple of things to consider that many vacationers initially forget. Such as…

Where to Keep Your Things Before or After a Cross-Country Trip

Going on a cross-country trip requires lots of items to keep on-hand so you feel prepared. While many items can stay inside your recreational vehicle for storage, it’s a good idea to think about where to keep your excess camping and cross-country gear so you can grab them when you’re taking a trip without the RV. The following are a couple of examples for these exact situations:

Seasonal Gear for Summer/Winter Activities

Maybe you vacation in Colorado or Vermont every winter for your annual family-ski-trip, or perhaps a trip to the slopes is something you reserve for a weekend getaway. In any case, having a place to store your bulky winter coats, gloves, and boots in addition to your gear, like skis and snowboards, for these winter sports can come in handy. If you reside in an urban area like NYC, you’ll need a spot to keep your summer sports gear as well. Surfboards and paddleboards aren’t exactly small enough for apartment life (unless your decorating skills are considerably creative), so having a place to keep these items so they’re still accessible when a quick getaway beckons is helpful.

Boat or Vehicle Trailers

Having a trailer to hitch your boat or vehicle to when making your cross-country trip expands the possibilities of fun things-to-do while on vacation. Say you want to park your RV outside the city and explore the city center; you can skip public transportation and continue captaining your voyage by driving your own vehicle to town. The same goes for a boat. Adding some boating to a camping trip makes for the best sort of summer vacation. If you want to kick your travels up a notch by hitching your boat, jet ski, vehicle, golf cart, or vehicle, make sure you have a secure place to keep all boating equipment and supplies throughout the year when you’re not on the road.

Holiday Gifts for Trips to See Family

If you’re one to do your holiday shopping throughout the year, having a place to stash those gifts leading up to your holiday trip can be useful. A place that your curious little ones will never find, no matter how determined they are to locate that stash of gifts, is especially handy. When the day of your holiday trip draws near, you can access this treasure trove of presents to load up into your RV without dropping a clue as to what these gifts are or who they’re for!

Call TI Storage for Your RV Storage Solutions in NYC

Most families living in or near a big city don’t have the luxury of a backyard or garage to store items for cross-country RV trips. Those of us living in New York City or metro-New Jersey especially need a place to store those bulky items for cross-country and holiday trips.At Treasure Island Storage, we have storage units of all sizes to accommodate these storage needs. Whether you’re storing snowboards, boat trailers, golf carts, or holiday gifts – our storage facility has units designed for climate-control and 24/7 security for safety and peace of mind. As a family-owned business, we know how indispensable these vacations can be. You can count on us to keep your belongings safe while preserving for your next getaway. Contact us today!