TI Storage
December 8th, 2016

Posters may never die out as a fad. They represent our love for all kinds of media like movies, music, video games, and more. For some, posters are a reminder of college years long past, or can be a memento from a family member. They can also take up precious wall space and difficult to store due to how fragile they are. When you want to keep your posters wrinkle free while storing them in a safe space, follow these tips.

Keep Them Flat

The only reason this obvious point should be mentioned is the fact that you may see a lot of posters in music and film shops often rolled up in cardboard tubes. Shops are normally willing to sacrifice the longevity of posters in order to have more storage space for their products. Unfortunately, this leads to people thinking they can do the same with their posters, only to find that the paper ends up damaged. Keep your posters flat when you can.

Find Acid-Free Sleeves

You probably will not have trouble finding any sleeves to put your posters in, the trick is finding good acid-free sleeves. While the small chemicals found on our plastic items don’t bother us, they can be any collector’s nightmare. Acid can wash out the colors of the poster, and keeping a poster out of a sleeve puts it at risk from getting damaged by dust and moisture.

Notes on Framing

You may want to keep your poster in its frame when you store it. If that’s the case, there are some things you should keep in mind. For one, make sure the frame glass is UV-resistant. Sunlight fades color away from the poster. If possible, keep the poster away from any light source. Much like with sleeves, the padding and matting of the frame should be acid-free. If you plan on storing your poster for a long time, regular matting can eat away sensitive poster paper.A climate-controlled area can keep many of your items safe, especially posters. If you want the best storage experience in New York and need a place to store your posters and other valuable items, give us a call at Treasure Island Storage and learn about our options today!