Storing Valuable Game Consoles During the PS5 Shortage

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March 19th, 2021

When new game consoles are introduced to the market, scarcity is always a chief concern for distributors, retailers, and especially consumers. Many fans anticipate the launch of a new game system by preordering their items months in advance, while others wait until the console hits store shelves. Unfortunately, a worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips has resulted in delayed production of the systems and created problems for anyone hoping to obtain Sony’s PlayStation 5 or PS5.While fans eagerly await the production of the latest console to land on the market, many are looking for ways to reorganize their homes and entertainment spaces to accommodate their future needs. One of the most common trends among video game enthusiasts is storing older consoles in self-storage units to make room for the latest editions to their collection.

How Long will the PS5 Shortage Last?

It can be difficult to accurately produce a production timeline of the necessary semiconductor chips that the PS5 requires, but sources close to the company report that the console could return to the market in the latter half of the year with smaller batches of releases and a more robust roll-out of products available in 2022.

Self-Storage Benefits for Video Games and Consoles

Anticipating the addition of a brand new gaming system, fans often evaluate which of their consoles will be removed from circulation or display to make enough room for the updated hardware and any additional accessories that go along with it, including charge docks for controllers or headphones. In place of selling their older systems, fans have moved toward securing their consoles from previous generations in temperature-controlled self-storage units.Keeping valuable video game hardware in a self-storage unit is a great way to open up space in your home without selling or giving away any of your favorite older consoles and games. Being able to access your systems at any time is convenient and easy for anyone to fit into their day.Storing game consoles in a self-storage unit also allows collectors to ensure the continued safety of their valuable items. Having a dedicated storage space comes with the added benefit of round-the-clock security for your disks, systems, accessories, and hardware from previous video game console generations.

Common Gaming Items in Self-Storage Units

The introduction of a new gaming console to an entertainment system often requires fans to decide which of their items must be moved to make room for their new hardware. In many cases, video game fans choose to store items such as:
  • Old controllers
  • Broken consoles
  • Outdated hardware
  • Monitors and televisions
  • Incompatible headphones
  • Game disks for previous generations

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