Storing Vehicles in a Storage Unit is a Smart Option

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March 15th, 2020

Storing Vehicles in a Storage Unit is a Smart Option

If you made a large financial investment in your car, you’ll want to protect it when you’re away from home. Putting it in a NYC storage unit is a smart way to do that.
  • From time to time, you may need to store your cars. It could be a vintage or antique vehicle, or you may be heading on an extended trip and don’t want to leave your car parked in your driveway or sitting in your garage. And you might be wondering if you can put the car in a storage unit.You definitely can, and there are lots of benefits to doing that. A storage unit can be a much safer place to store a valuable car than leaving it at home where it can be vulnerable to break-ins and theft, or to potential weather damage. If your car was a prized investment, you want to be certain you protect it. Here are some tips on why it’s a good idea to store a car, and how you can get it ready for storage.

Why Is It Smart to Put Your Car in Storage?

A car is an investment like any other piece of property, and you want to ensure it operates properly and efficiently. People frequently opt to put a car in a storage unit, for reasons that include:
  • Going on an extended trip
  • Not having enough garage space
  • Concerns about possible theft
  • Keeping it protected during a cold winter
Taking advantage of car storage is going to help you maintain the integrity of your vehicle over periods when you don’t expect to be driving it. You might be wondering is storage facilities are large enough for something the size of a car or motorcycle. If you bring your vehicles to the units at Treasure Island Storage, you can definitely take advantage of climate-controlled, drive-up car storage units.These units are designed to protect your car from the elements. That can include heavy snow and ice storms in the winter, or tropical storms that can knock down branches that could fall on and damage your car. The units at TI Storage are maintained at the same temperature year-round so your vehicle has limited exposure to extreme fluctuations in the weather. When putting your car in storage, it helps to be someplace climate-controlled where the air is dry so your car won’t rust. At TI Storage, our security features include front gate access, video surveillance and enhanced indoor and outdoor lighting to keep criminals away. If you’re planning to be away from home on an extended vacation or business trip and don’t feel comfortable leaving your car parked outside, putting it someplace indoors and away from the elements will definitely be your best option.

How Can I Get My Vehicle Ready for Storage?

Once you’re ready to put your car in storage, here are some tips on what you want to do first.
  • Fill the tank to prevent it from rusting inside, and consider adding a stabilizer that preserves the gasoline and prevents damage to the vehicle’s fuel system. 
  • Get the oil changed, since dirty oil can become thick during long-term storage.
  • Clean out the car of all belongings and vacuum the inside.
  • Once inside the storage unit, disconnect the battery, since car batteries can leak acid if they don’t get used for a period of time.
  • Place a car cover over it as an added way of ensuring it stays clean.
Taking all these steps increases the likelihood that when you’re ready to retrieve your vehicle, it will still be in good condition and hums nicely as you drive it home.

Store Your Vehicle With the Experts at TI Storage in NYC

Car collectors and those who want to protect their investment in an expensive vehicle have a great solution with Treasure Island Storage. You’re getting a terrific value when you need to store your automobile with us, whether it’s vintage or brand new. Our climate-controlled, drive-up car storage units are available at most of our facilities in both New Jersey and New York, and you can also rent a low-cost unit for your motorcycle so it stays in prime condition throughout the different seasons.With convenient locations in New York and New Jersey, TI Storage is guaranteed to be the top choice for self-storage near you. Simply locate the Treasure Island Storage in your neighborhood and stop by. Our team of storage solution associates will show you around and help you reserve the unit you need. Contact us today.