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October 10th, 2019

Autumn is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time to start decorating for the fall! Undoubtedly, somewhere in the recesses of your home sit boxes and boxes of fall and Halloween decorations. And if you’re like most people, you probably can’t remember where you stored them after last year’s holidays came and went. So it’s time to get going and start digging around — and once you’ve found that jumbled mess of decorations, here’s how you can organize them more efficiently for next year.

Why You Shouldn’t Store Halloween Decorations in Old Boxes

If you’ve been keeping your Halloween decorations in cardboard boxes, it’s time to make the switch to plastic storage tubs. Over time, cardboard has a tendency to break down, often leaving your keepsake decorations unprotected. Instead, plastic storage containers retain their shape, have much longer lifespans, keep moisture out, can be nested when not in use and can even be organized according to color. For large or extra tall items, consider purchasing large rolling trash cans to keep your items upright and to avoid unnecessary creases and folds.

How To Organize Your Halloween Decorations

Before you pack everything into your storage tubs, make sure you organize your decorations for easy access next year. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to untangle a hopelessly knotted jumble of string lights, so save yourself the hassle with a few small tricks.For string lights, tie a ribbon to the end so you can find it with ease. Then cut a medium-size rectangle of cardboard and wrap each string of lights around it. Alternatively, you can use an old clothes hanger in place of cardboard. Once your lights are completely wound around the cardboard or clothes hanger, secure the end with a piece of tape.For small, easily misplaced items or decorations with moving parts, use clear plastic wrap to keep your collections together. Tightly wrap collections of smaller items, place them in your tubs, and if they’re fragile, add in wads of newspaper or paper towel for extra protection.

Benefits of Replacing Some Older Halloween Decorations

That decorative skeleton you’ve had for 20 years? It’s probably past its prime. And while there’s a certain nostalgic quality to some of your older decorations, nothing lasts forever. When it comes time to pack up the decorations this year, ask yourself what you plan to display next year. If certain items don’t make the cut because they’re deteriorating or no longer fit your style, consider donating them to your local thrift shop, then buying new ones. But if you have your heart set on keeping all your stuff, consider renting a storage unit to free up some space in your house.

Practical Storage Solutions in NYC and New Jersey

When you live in a crowded locale, chances are you simply don’t have the space to store all your precious holiday decorations. At Treasure Island Storage, we know that space can get tight, and that’s why we’re here to offer safe, temperature-controlled, affordable storage solutions of all shapes and sizes.Whether you need a business or household storage unit, vehicle space or protection for something more unconventional, we have the space you need and service you can trust. For more than 15 years, we’ve been proudly serving the NYC and New Jersey metro areas, and we’d love to serve you as well. For additional information about any of our facilities, contact our team today at 347-454-7455.