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September 30th, 2017

The time has finally come! You are officially a high school graduate. This time is full of excitement, but more importantly, planning. You’re getting ready to embark on a new journey in life, and it’s vital that you prepare yourself for what’s to come.No, we’re not talking about the late-nights you’ll spend studying or long lines in the cafeteria. Whether you realize it or not, storage will play a huge role in the next four years of your life as you’ll probably move more during this time than you ever had. A proactive approach to organization and storage can help make your upcoming transitions seamless, and Treasure Island Storage is here to make it possible.

Moving From Home to College Dorm

The first big move will be from home to school. As you sift through your belongings, you will have to decide what to take and what to leave behind. If you’re having a hard time deciding what not to take to college, here are a few tips:
  • Pack necessary clothes and shoes
  • Leave bed sheets and pillows
  • Pack a memorabilia item
  • Leave duplicate items

Storage for Leftover Belongings

For everything you decided to leave behind, your parents will have one of two options to choose from. They can either leave your room untouched or find a local self-storage facility for your belongings.Another consideration is what to do with your car. While many colleges allow first-year students to bring their cars to school, some others do not. Rather than leaving your car in the driveway to rust and discolor, consider storing it at a secure storage facility.

Dorm Room Organization

Upon arrival to your residence hall, you’re welcomed by staff, various organizations, and a tiny dorm room. The next challenge is deciding how to organize your half of the room while keeping your belongings away from sticky fingers. You should consider:
  • Buying a mini fridge to store snacks and drinks
  • Getting a desk organizer
  • Repurposing your suitcases and bags to store/hide miscellaneous items
  • Only leaving out what you don’t mind your roommate seeing/using

Moving From a College Dorm to an Off-Campus Apartment

On-campus housing is the traditional first stop for first-year students. During this time you get to mingle with other incoming freshmen and become familiar with your new campus. Although it is considered ideal, there are many drawbacks of living on-campus.Limitations like these and other varying factors may push you to move off campus after your first or second year. You will no longer be as close as you once were to certain facilities, but the benefits of living off campus can be enough to affirm your decision. The independence, freedom, and self-reliability of being a commuter student can help you gain a sense of self as well as help you mature during your time as an undergrad.

Staying Organized as a Commuter Student

If you eventually decide to move off-campus, your next big move will be from your college dorm to your off-campus apartment. Organization is most important during this time as you will likely experience a disconnect from not living on-campus. Here are some tips for staying organized as a commuter student: Returning home after college also means that you’ll have to find something to do with everything you’ve acquired in the last four years. Rather than overwhelming your room with an extra fridge, microwave, and excess clothing, place your belongings in a neighborhood self-storage unit.

Moving Back Home After College

Every college graduate wants to show that they can apply their acquired skills to their field of choice and start living life as an independent adult. With this in mind, deciding whether or not to move back home after college can be a tough decision. You spent the last four years living on your own and moving back home can feel like a step back, but there are a few benefits of moving back in with parents after college:
  • Save money
  • Time to explore career options
  • Reunite with friends and family
  • Home-cooked meals

Storage Options for College Students

Whether you are a resident of the New York Metro area or plan on attending college here, trust Treasure Island Storage for all of your storage needs. We have storage locations near:
  • Berkeley College at Woodland Park
  • York College/CUNY
  • Queens College
  • Bard College
  • St. John’s University
Your storage is safe with us! All of our locations offer climate-controlled units protected by 24-hour security surveillance for your peace of mind. We understand that moving can be a hassle, which is why we offer trucks and vans to help with your move. College is stressful enough. Check storage off of your to-do list and give us a call today to find a facility near you!