Tips for Choosing the Right Sized NYC Moving Truck


TI Storage
July 12th, 2021

It is no secret that moving can be stressful. Trying to move in the hustle and bustle of New York City is another matter altogether. With the busy streets, lack of parking, and buildings that never seem to have elevators when you need them, it’s understandable if you feel some stress as your big move looms in the future. Whether you are moving just around the corner or across the country, moving should be exciting, not something to dread.Cross one thing off your list by choosing the perfect moving truck. There are three different sizes, and one of these may better suit your needs as you head toward your new home.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Moving Truck?

While some people opt to hire full-service movers or have their belongings sent in pods to their new home, it can be costly to go with either option when making any big move. Renting a moving truck to move yourself will be more cost-efficient, and you may experience these additional benefits:
  • Better for the environment: Many truck rental companies operate using diesel gas, meaning you can do your part for the environment while you move.
  • Access to moving accessories: When renting a moving truck, you will be able to use different included accessories like a dolly and packing blankets.
  • Perfect for short or long-distance: Since there are three different sizes of moving trucks available for rent, you can choose the size that will best fit the distance you must travel for your move.

What Size Moving Truck Is Needed to Move to New York City?

Whether you are moving into a studio apartment with a skyline view or getting cozy in a Brownstone, getting all of your belongings from point A to Point B is essential. As you prepare for the move itself, consider the next few tips for which of the three moving truck sizes will serve you best.

Know the Difference Between Sizes

Moving truck rentals are available in three different sizes, each with its pros and cons to consider.
  • Pickup trucks: Perfect for local or short-distance moves. Pickup trucks are a good choice if you do not have big furniture or are moving close enough that you can take multiple trips.
  • Cargo vans: On the outside, these vans may not look like much, but you can comfortably fit the belongings of a college dorm, studio, or one-bedroom apartment in a cargo van.
  • Box trucks: This is probably what you think of when you think of a moving truck. This option is great for most moves, especially if it is a longer trip or you have a lot of big furniture to transport.
Understanding the difference between the three sizes should be helpful when it comes to matching your budget with which moving truck option can best suit your trip.

Use a Moving Calculator

Available for free on most truck rental websites, a moving calculator can help you realistically calculate the size of truck you will need to fit all of your belongings. Some of these calculators allow you to add in the exact items you need to move, making it even easier!

Pack the Truck Efficiently

When you are exhausted from packing and moving all of your stuff, it is simple to shove things into the moving truck. While this may be easier, packing a truck efficiently and taking time to place items into the truck neatly will allow you to fit more items. This will also make things easier when it comes time to unload the truck.

Figure Out Parking

You are moving to a city that is known for its treacherously busy roads and lack of parking. Don’t wait until you arrive in front of your new NYC home to try to find parking. Figuring out the best spot to park your moving truck before will save time and frustration when you arrive. If you have a tiny space to park the moving truck, choosing a box truck may not be your best option.

Maximize Your Space with NYC Self-Storage

Are you moving to a smaller space and need to make room? Maybe you are moving to a bigger space, but you want to clear out unused items without actually getting rid of them. Just like choosing the right-sized moving truck will help make your move to NYC a little less stressful, so will having space to live in your new home. Don’t fall victim to clutter; give yourself some space to start new in your home by storing your belongings at Treasure Island Storage. To learn about how you can claim your storage unit today, contact us online or call us at (646) 603-1505.