Tips for Creating Household Storage Space


TI Storage
April 9th, 2020

New York is a great city, with some of the most amazing cultural attractions the world over. But one thing the Big Apple is also known for is small apartments. With more than 8 million people crammed into the city, apartments are often cozy, even tiny — they have to be to accommodate that many residents. If you’re one of those residents living in a small apartment, chances are you’ve learned that every square inch counts. The same is true if you’re moving to the city and expect that your new apartment won’t exactly be spacious. Fortunately, as any veteran New Yorker can tell you, there are creative ways to deal with a limited amount of storage space in your new home. Here are some tips for ways to get more out of less.

How Can You Find More Storage Space in Your Home?

In a major metropolis like NYC, apartments can be hard to find, and what is available probably won’t offer a lot of extra room to maneuver. But that doesn’t mean small spaces can’t function well to meet your needs. Sometimes all you need is a little creativity. In fact, a smart way to begin is before moving into your new tiny apartment, consider organizing your storage space before you begin arranging your living space. Figure out how to find room for storage by making sure every area in your apartment is well utilized.You can make plenty of areas in your apartment more functional in smart ways. Let’s say you only have one closet and it fills up quickly. Consider finding a slim clothing rack to hang clothes on or adding shelves inside that closet.What about if you have a small kitchen area? There are ways to maximize your shelf space. You can add more shelves to the kitchen area, and there’s nothing wrong with putting shelves high up, creating a vertical solution to your storage needs. Space higher above us is often vacant and underutilized but is ideal for shelves where you can place books, DVDs, and plenty of other items.Another key to organizing a room — whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office — is bins. Bins and baskets can be ideal ways of storing particular items when space is limited. Plastic containers are also beneficial since they’re clear and you can easily see what you’ve got in each one. And you can also find decorative baskets that are not just functional for storing items but can add a certain character or flair to your living space. Think as well about the size of your new furniture before buying it. A queen-sized bed or table that seats eight may not work in your smaller unit; look for furniture that’s more compact like extendable dining tables or Murphy beds. 

How Can Renting a Self-Storage Unit Help?

Another trick that many apartment dwellers have used is downsizing and decluttering. While that’s always a practical option, taking the things you own but don’t have room for doesn’t mean you have to throw them away or sell them, especially if they still mean something to you. A much better option is to rent the kind of storage units that are available as a company like Treasure Island Storage.TI Storage has units of various sizes, that range from a closet-sized one to some large enough to fit everything in a master bedroom. Whatever your needs are, they have a unit that’s suitable for your possessions. Our facilities are also climate-controlled, so whatever you bring here will be well protected from extreme changes in the weather, whether it’s a scorching hot summer with high humidity, or a dry, frigid cold winter. TI Storage units can be rented on a monthly basis without a long term contract. Our facilities also provide advanced security measures like video surveillance, front gate access, and indoor and outdoor lighting, so you know what you bring here is safe. 

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