Tips for Finding Your First Apartment in NYC


TI Storage
November 19th, 2019

Hunting for an apartment in New York City can be quite a struggle. Apartments in the most desirable locations can be scarce and very pricey. Apartment hunting can be a very competitive endeavor in NYC compared to other American cities. And it’s not exactly cheap to rent an apartment in the Big Apple. Still, moving to NYC is exciting because it’s one of the great cities worldwide, with endless cultural opportunities to enjoy. But it’s a move that requires careful planning and doing your homework well in advance.Here are some tips for apartment hunting in NYC, and finding the right space for yourself and your family.

How to Negotiate Rents for NYC Apartments

Don’t automatically assume that the price tag for an apartment you love is the price that you’re going to have to pay. Try to negotiate a better price with the landlord. If you want an apartment to be a certain price, propose a price lower than the amount the landlord is asking for. You might be surprised during the negotiations that the landlord is willing to meet you somewhere in the middle. This “middle” price might be closer to the one that you initially wanted. For example, let’s say an apartment is listed for $2,300, and you want to pay $2,150. If you propose to pay $2,000, the landlord might meet you in the middle by agreeing to settle on an amount closer to $2,150.

Why It’s Important to Do a Thorough Search for a NYC Apartment 

If you want to find the best apartment, complete as exhaustive a search as possible. Search the internet for everything that’s available. It’s very competitive to find a good apartment in the city, and you definitely won’t be the only one looking. Make sure to constantly check all online listings, and be ready to move quickly when a new apartment becomes available.

Can Word-of-Mouth Help You Find an Apartment in NYC?

There are actually a solid number of opportunities that can be found by word of mouth. Keep up with apartment opportunities by talking to as many people as possible in your extended network, and even by joining various social media groups to ask about apartments on those platforms. You might be surprised at how many available apartments are not being listed. And even in a big city like New York, word of mouth goes a long way. There may be opportunities to rent a room in an already rented apartment or sublet one from the original occupant on the lease.  

Accept Roommates As a Fact of Life in NYC

Many people in NYC have no choice but to live with roommates because of the high cost of rents. If you’re one of them, it’s important to accept the fact that you’re going to have to share your living quarters with someone else.If you’re new to the city and don’t know anyone else, it might seem intimidating at first to move in with a total stranger and hope it works out. On the other hand, if you’ve got your heart set on a particular neighborhood and its pricey, having a roommate is the perfect remedy for offsetting the cost of living. Splitting the cost with a roommate is also a smart option if you want a large kitchen or more space to enjoy. Your favorite neighborhoods and amenities will look a lot more appealing if you’re cohabitating with someone else to hold down costs. 

How to Present Yourself to Landlords When Renting in NYC

As you set out to meet prospective landlords, it’s important to think first about how you speak and carry yourself at those meetings. That’s particularly true if you’re entering the apartment rental market for the first time and don’t have a “rental resume” to show them. Be aware that landlords are mainly interested in being certain you’ll pay the rent on time, won’t trash the apartment, and won’t end up causing problems with other people in the building. Be able to demonstrate to a prospective landlord that you know the maximum rent you can afford on your income. And it also helps to know your credit history since a prospective landlord is going to want to look at your credit score.

How to Research Regulations on Available Apartments

As you hunt for apartments, be aware that different buildings have different rules. For example, many buildings will not allow people to have pets. Just as landlords are picky about prospective tenants, do some homework about the building and its regulations so you can assess whether it’s the right place for you. Go online to look up any feedback on the building.  Check with the Department of Buildings and the Department of Housing Preservation Development for any complaints or violations lodged against the building you’re looking at, particularly complaints about issues like mold or pest infestations. And understand what their rules are on issues like pets, noise and having guests stay over.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Storage Unit?

One thing you might find challenging is locating an apartment big enough to fit all your belongings, particularly if your parents had a large house. In New York City, people often have to settle for smaller spaces, so a good option for them is to rent storage space for the belongings they want to keep but don’t necessarily need right away. A great option is with Treasure Island Storage, a storage company that serves New York City Residents.Consider these just a few of the many “commandments” that New York City residents have been living with for generations as they start their search for an apartment in a competitive market. The bottom line is you should research the rules, regulations and even quality of life issues of various apartments, present yourself well to prospective landlords and possible roommates, and consider the benefits of a storage unit if your apartment has a limited amount of space to offer.

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