TI Storage
December 21st, 2016

New York winters can get rough. When you have to switch apartments or leave town in the middle of January, taking snow, ice roads, and keeping yourself warm into account makes moving more irritating.  At the same time, lease prices are usually at their lowest during winter, so more frugal families may want to move at the end or beginning of the year. Avoid unnecessary risks by keeping several of our favorite tips into account when moving in cold weather.

Track the Weather

You do not want to pack your moving truck in the middle of a blizzard, so keep an eye on the weather channel and news reports for any approaching storms. If you checked any weather updates within the last three days, don’t get complacent, look on the morning of the move as storms can come with little warning. Weather reports typically come with traffic reports, keep these in mind as well when you plan your route to drive your furniture and other items.

Keep Your Winter Tools

Gloves, shovels, coats, and ice scrapers should stay in your car. You may wake up on moving day and find everything covered in snow, even if you cleaned up the evening before. Keeping salt nearby is of particular importance. When a sidewalk or any other pathway to your old home ices over, it turns into a dangerous slipping hazard for your movers as they carry furniture. Salt the ground to help melt the ice faster.

Have Towels Nearby

You and your movers will probably have to put moving boxes and other furniture outside at some point before storing them into the truck. Keep towels and rags handy to dry out any items that get wet from dirty snow or ice. At your old and new apartment, put padding on the floor to prevent tracking mud, dirt, and water.If you need extra space to store your items while moving in New York, take a look at our many storage options at Treasure Island Storage. Our units come in various sizes, with climate control to keep your valuables safe from environmental damage. Contact us today to learn more.