TI Storage
December 4th, 2018

Whether you use your basement solely for storage or you share the space with an office, playroom, or home gym, good organization will allow you to optimize the use of what is likely one of your home’s largest spaces. Try these tips for a basement where everything is in its place so you can live your most comfortable life.

Sort Your Stuff

When you begin organizing, sort your clutter so that similar items are together. Set aside things you use regularly and plan to keep and make a separate pile for things that can be sold, given away, or donated. Throw away items that have outlived their usefulness. If you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably won’t use it ever. You’ll feel great knowing you don’t have dozens of objects just collecting dust down there.

Choose a Storage System

Simple shelving and bin systems are affordable and work well for storage in many basements. Pegboards and hooks are also a popular choice, not mention clear plastic bins that allow you to see what’s stored inside at a glance. Because many basements are damp, ductile materials are good for storage because they protect your items from moisture.

Create Designated Stations

Chances are, your basement serves several different purposes. Group associated items together. For example, holiday decorations should all be placed in the same closet. Group out-of-season clothing together in another area. Create a craft or work area by hanging tools on pegboards and adding a large desk. The more organized your plan, the easier it will be to find what you need.

Prioritize Access

If your basement currently has boxes stored on top of each other, chances are some of those items are difficult to access. Store lighter items on top of heavier items so they can be moved aside when necessary. If you can, switch to drawers so that you can get to any article, any time. Keeping your stuff available means that you’ll actually use it, rather than waste it.Avoid storing items that can be water-damaged in your basement. This includes magazines, fabric, linens, photographs, books, and other essential documents. Place items used more often in locations that put them in easy reach.

Consider Storage Options

If the storage space you need exceeds the area you have in your basement or if you just want to use the room for other things, consider renting a storage unit. At TI Storage, we offer a variety of storage units to hold unneeded possessions. There are climate-controlled options to store your delicate items. Plus, there’s added security and an entire team that makes sure that your stuff stays safe, dry, and pest-free. Contact Treasure Island Storage at (347) 454-7455 to learn more about affordable options to hone your home.