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August 15th, 2016

As parents, we like to hold onto our baby’s precious clothes and keepsakes for future generations to reminisce. Keeping them in good condition can be tricky though. Here is a helpful guide to ensure your child’s keepsakes are in great safe and in perfect condition.

Cleaning Your Clothes & Garments

Start off by making sure all the clothes and blankets are as clean as possible. Run them through the laundry machine to ensure they’re stain free. If you still have stains, there are plenty of cleaning products out there that can help to remove the stains. Once cleaned, run them through the laundry cycle one more time. Most importantly, let the garments dry out completely so they’re not stored away with any moisture. Moisture will damage any clothes or blankets over time.

Proper Handling

When getting ready to store your children’s clothes and keepsakes make sure your hands are washed thoroughly before handling any items. The oils and grease your body naturally produce can leave your keepsakes stained and spotty. Additionally, if any keepsakes have metal parts on them, remove them carefully. Then store them in separate containers. Metals can rust over time and stain the items.

Using Proper Storage Equipment

It’s crucial you choose the correct materials when you want to store your keepsakes for long periods of time. Whichever containers you decide to use, from plastics to paper, make sure they’re made with acid-free materials. This is often overlooked but acid can ruin your keepsakes over time.

Storing Photos

There are a couple of ways you can store photos of your children so they last for generations. If you prefer to keep the printed photos it may be best to laminate the photos so you can protect them from various elements. Just make sure you label them correctly for future reference! With the digital age among us, storing photos on CDs, USBs and various other devices is growing substantially in popularity. This way you can drastically minimize the storage space needed to store your photos and not risk natural photo fading.

Proper Storage Environments

Finally, when choosing a space for the storage of all your keepsakes, make sure it’s in a cool, dry space. Extreme temperatures and humidity can seriously damage the integrity of your precious baby items. It’s best to store them in locations where they can be controlled accurately.When stored properly, your baby’s keepsakes can last for generations. Consider storing them in storage facilities like the ones at Treasure Island Storage. We have experienced professionals standing by, ready to help you with your storage needs. Call today at 347.454.7455 for storage tips and services.