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December 27th, 2016

For some, a spoon collection can be a gathering of the many various types of spoons used over the years, from Victorian era masterpieces to sleek, modern designs. For others, a spoon collection may mean finding spoons that never get used. These spoons act more as a symbol of having been somewhere: a big city, a small European village, or a popular tourist attraction. Regardless of your reasons for having a spoon collection, you still need to take care of it. If you are a budding enthusiast who wants to prevent your silverware from tarnishing with safe storage, keep these tips in mind.


While many spoon collectors don’t use the items they collect, some may want to try experimenting. Others may find valuable spoons from a flea market, or a garage sale, and want to wipe away the corroding elements before putting their new addition into a case. Although tarnish is usually a vague term used to refer to something dirty, it has a particular meaning for silverware.Tarnish is the chemical change from airborne pollution that makes silver dull and dark. Some people may mistake tarnish for age, but its presence can damage the silverware. To clean the tarnish off of your collectible spoon, you need to wash away the dirt first by running warm water over the spoon. If your spoon has any intricate carvings, you may need a brush or soft toothbrush to remove the dirt. You can then use silver polish to remove the tarnish underneath. Most local, big box retailers sell silver polish. Rinse the spoon afterward and dry it off with a cotton towel.


After cleaning your collectible spoons, you may want to display them somewhere everyone can see. Luckily, a variety of display cases exist which are suitable for an array of collection sizes. There is usually no wrong answer when it comes to buying a spoon display case, although you may want to avoid the cheapest option. Cheaper cases may not seal as well as slightly higher cost options, and the glass may be more likely to break. Hang your display somewhere that is above shoulder level. If someone bumps into your case, it may not fall, but the spoons inside might lose their place. You would then have to take the time to put everything back into position.If you have a great spoon collection but no space to hang it, you may need to start storing some items. Make room for you spoon display, or keep your spoons safe, with a secure, climate controlled storage unit. Treasure Island Storage has several locations in New York and New Jersey that can keep your items stored away, available to you anytime you need them. Contact us today to learn about our options.