TI Storage
March 28th, 2017

Ask anyone and they will tell you that moving is a headache. First, you have to pack everything into boxes, find someone to help you move, and hope they show up. If you decide to hire a moving company, you end up watching anxiously as they attempt to transport your belongings safely. Moving has become such a hassle that people often try to come up with shortcuts to make the process more efficient, but ultimately, moving mishaps are almost inevitable. We have compiled a list of ten major moving fails for your entertainment. Enjoy!


Rather than pulling out the toolkit to dismantle their bookshelf, they decided to try and squeeze it through the patio opening. It made it through, but we don’t see that bookshelf holding any books anytime soon!


Mind you, these are supposed to be professionals. They did a good job finding a contraption that would help the coil get up the stairs, but maybe some more man power would have been helpful.


.This a problem that many people face. Transporting a piano can be one of the hardest things to do. Maybe if he would have put down the camera and lent a helping hand, the piano would still be in one piece.


Rookie mistake. You must always remember to close the truck. If you have an item sticking out of the truck, you should make sure that it is secured either by rope or some sort of fixture. That wasn’t the case here. It seems as if he was in a rush to get on the road and ended up with his belongings all over the road.


Throwing the couch from the second floor may sound like a good idea if you don’t mind losing a window.


They were so close!


Moving tables can be a pain in the neck, literally!


The old makeshift ramp trick. We suggest that you leave moving large items like this to the professionals.


This is a huge safety hazard! You are better off using bungee cords than having your two friends stand in the back of your pick up on the highway.


This has to be the worst of them all. Not only are they now short one TV, but it is going to cost a pretty penny to get that truck door replaced.We hope that you have learned from these mistakes. For all of your storage needs in the New York and New Jersey area, look no further than Treasure Island Storage. We provide safe and secure storage for all your belongings. You can also take advantage of free use of our corporate moving van or a  2-hour professional moving service. Contact us at (347) 454-7455 or visit us online.