TI Storage
August 28th, 2017

Moving is hard work mentally and physically. An ideal move is one that flows smoothly with little to no interruptions. The key to an efficient move is to get all of your belongings transported as quickly and safely as possible. A simple way to achieve this is to have the necessary moving tools ahead of time. Allow these top three moving tools to help cut down moving time while protecting you from potential hazards.

Packing Tape and Scissors

Your first task is to pack up your belongings. Packing tape is stronger than regular desk tape and secures bulky boxes with ease. Many people choose to fold box flaps to secure them rather than using tape. This is ineffective as contents are likely to shift and force the flaps open.Aside from boxes, packing tape is particularly useful for securing dresser drawers. Rather than moving each drawer individually, people often wrap a sheet around the furniture and tape it down to secure them in place. Scissors are also a required tool if you rather not tear off pieces of tape with your teeth.

A Stair Roller and Furniture Dolly

Stairs can make a move harder than necessary. Whether you live in a two story home or an apartment building, you understand how tough moving bulky items up and down the stairs can be. The goal is to move your items up stairs without breaking them or straining your back.You can use a stair roller to bring heavy items up any stairs. Dollies are also useful for moving heavy objects across the floor. An upright dolly is ideal for stacking boxes while flat dollies can manage large appliances and furniture. There are convertible dollies available that allow you to transition between both functions.

Moving Blankets

Protecting your valuables is essential during any move. Massive fridges and couches can scratch wood and tile flooring if dragged across a room. Furniture is also at risk of ripping and tearing when exposed to outside conditions. Nicks, scratches, and dents most commonly occur when maneuvering large items through tight walkways and around sharp corners. Having a few moving blankets can preserve your items and anything they come in contact with.Make sure to bring all of your tools when moving into your new self-storage unit. Trust no other than Treasure Island Storage to safeguard your New York City storage. All of our facilities offer climate-controlled self-storage units protected by a 24-hour security system. Give us a call at (649) 846-9449 to find a storage location in your area.