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May 22nd, 2017

The popularity of storage units has exploded in pop culture over the recent years. While it is unclear whether media has led people to be more aware of storage units, or public awareness has affected media, it shows that most people understand how important it can be to de-clutter and keep the home tidy. While we do enjoy seeing famous actors make more use of storage units, we don’t recommend imitating some of the top 3 self-storage moments in pop culture listed below.

Arrested Development

In an early episode of this cult classic comedy, Lucille, the mother of the dysfunctional Bluth family, sets her storage unit on fire with her husband’s encouragement. Michael Bluth, the closest thing to a protagonist in the show, sees this and – being one who used his storage unit responsibly – decides to strike back by burning down their small banana stand business. Unknown to him, the banana stand was more valuable than he could have ever expected, spawning the famous phrase “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

True Detective

True Detective is one of the crime dramas that shows how storage units can contribute to good instead of evil. Rust Cohle, one of two protagonists in the first season, makes use of a self-storage unit to set up a base of operations in his investigation of a murder case. Though we applaud Rust with his creativity, we do not rent out our storage units for vigilante detectives.


Speaking of things you can’t do in a storage unit, in this HBO series the character Hanna drops out of grad school and find out that she has no place to stay. Her old boyfriend, Adam, has moved on with a new girlfriend that is already staying in the apartment with him. To her dismay, Hanna has no place to sleep and is forced to spend a night on her old couch. That couch is in the storage unit where Adam moved all her stuff. We should stress that living in a storage unit is illegal.The functionality of a storage unit often depends on the customer who rents one. While these pop culture examples of storage unit use are somewhat on the unbelievable side, it doesn’t mean that everyone who uses a storage unit does so for unseemly purposes. Many of Treasure Island Storage’s customers enjoy storage units that are climate controlled, secure, and readily available with multiple locations in New York and New Jersey. If you need a storage unit to help keep your New York or New Jersey apartment organized, contact one of our locations today for details and availability!