TI Storage
June 6th, 2017

A practical storage space is both convenient and versatile. Simply pay a monthly fee for a storage unit and you are free to store a wide range of items. Everything from your boat to your prized collection of baseball cards are safe behind the steel doors of a storage unit. There are some things that are disallowed from public storage including perishables, animals, and even humans; yes, people do try and live in storage units. Aside from these exclusions and a few more, you are pretty much free to store what you please. Everyone has their specific storage needs, but Americans in general are well-known for storing these three items.


According to a 2009 New York Times article, over 7 million Americans have at least one piece of furniture in their storage spaces. Furniture isn’t cheap; and while difficult to move, many Americans rather store their furniture than throw it away. The most popular types of furniture couches, mattresses, bed frames and structures, dining room tables, chairs, and much more. This accounts for a large portion of the millions of square feet of storage used nationwide.


Televisions, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, ovens, you name it; they are all occupying storage units nationwide. Expensive home appliances are likely to be put in storage when moving for space purposes. Oftentimes, the new home includes its own appliances, or the old appliances don’t fit the dimensions of the new home. When homeowners cannot find anyone to give their old appliances to, they go into storage. In other instances, they are too bulky and too much of a bother to hoist up a flight of stairs or transfer from place to place. Whether storage owners plan on using them again or not, they continue to account for a large amount of storage space.


Clothing is another popular item that is often seasonally placed into storage. New York City and New Jersey is home to scorching hot summers and frigid cold winters. As a resident of the Northeast, you need a wardrobe that accommodates both conditions. The thick layers of clothing needed for the cold winters can’t always be pushed to the back of the closet when the warmer months come around. A storage unit is likely the only efficient storage option for out-of-season clothing.Whatever your storage needs may be, Treasure Island Storage has a storage unit for you. All of our New York City and New Jersey units are temperature-controlled and come in various sizes to best accommodate your storage needs. Give us a call at (347) 454-7455 to find a storage location near you.