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January 8th, 2018

Teaching children how to organize their home life and surroundings helps them in many important aspects of everyday life. Children that have attention issues and difficulty transitioning between activities or places can benefit significantly from minor changes to the organization of the home. Simple changes in your child’s surroundings and routines can make a tremendous difference in his or her quality of life.

Introduce Structure to Your Child’s Space

First, evaluate and organize your child’s living space. Some tips for this include:
  • Do a toy assessment and store unused toys for later use (when they tire of currently used toys).
  • Use plastic tubs with labels to group toys and other frequently used items.
  • Create an uncluttered designated work-play space.

Establish a Regular Schedule

The daily activity structure is the next targeted area after establishing a designated clutter-free work-play space. For children with attention and transitioning issues, sticking to a regular schedule every day will help them at home and in school. All children need structure in their everyday life, and having a daily schedule helps them know what to expect next and how to prepare for activities from one day to another. Suggestions for scheduling your child’s day include:
  • Use a picture or a written schedule placed in a strategic area, like the refrigerator, for your child to reference visually.
  • Alarms or timers work well for a concrete reminder of when a task is ending.
  • Prepare as much as possible for the next day – this can include selecting clothes and having lunches and backpacks ready.

Make Sure Your Children Are Getting Enough Sleep

Another important consideration in helping your children organize and structure their days is to be sure they are getting enough sleep. Consider all these things to help your child get enough sleep daily:
  • Have your child play outside every day for at least thirty minutes.
  • Walk, exercise, or bike ride daily, especially in the afternoons, to help wind down for sleep at night.
  • Have a specific bedtime and stick to it.
  • Create a bedtime ritual and do it every night.
Implementing the above suggestions is a positive way to help your child gain structure despite the attention and transition issues. Now that they have the tools to be organized, put their organization to the test when you bring them to help pack your Treasure Island Storage unit! We offer 24-hour access to your belongings as well as climate controlled rooms of various sizes to meet your storage needs. Contact us today to find a location near you!